Weekly Canvas.

This is my ‘canvas’ for the week:


When I get started on my designs, I like to paint a layer of polish on my nails first (whatever shade I’m in the mood for that particular week), and wear it around for a day or two. Two reasons:

1) It gives my nails time to dry– I always have to resist the urge to get started on a design immediately; I’ll end up smudging the bottom layer with whatever I’m trying to do (tape mani, a paintbrush, you name it) and have to start over with a clean slate, which, if you’re familiar with doing nail art, is a complete pain-in-the-ass.

And 2) I’m SUCH an indecisive person. Having a day or two to solidify exactly what design I want to start prevents me from wanting to change my nails every two days– in the life of a PR person, you just don’t have time for that!

So…I’m taking the day to think about what I want to do– any inspiring comments for me?

Hoping all of you are enjoying your Friday!


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