Breast Cancer Awareness: Pink Glitter Ombre

Finally got around to creating a design on top of my pink canvas! I haven’t done an ombre look in awhile, and wanted to incorporate some pink, blue & silver glitter into the design as well, so I came up with this:

If you’ve never tried a design like this on yourself, it’s probably one of the easiest you could pull off. I always start off my manis with a single coat of  Orly Bonder; it’s basically a rubberized base coat that keeps your polish longer lasting. My canvas for this week consisted of two coats of wet ‘n wild’s Spoiled collection in I Got So Plastered.


The best tool you can use for an ombre effect is a sponge– I took a makeup sponge and tore it into thirds. Then I chose three polishes, one metallic and two glitter-based.


{NYC’s Starry Silver Glitter, wet ‘n wild’s Sparked & Orly’s Rage}

I placed a thin layer of the metallic color on the edge of one of the sponges & sponged the polish from the tip of my nail to the cuticle. When doing an ombre design, always make sure the majority of the sponged polish is concentrated at the tip of the nail. The color should then fade as you head toward the cuticle. I then repeated this step with the two other glitter polishes, both with new pieces of sponge.

To seal off my design, I painted two coats of Revlon ColorStay Top Coat…this is the ONLY top coat I will ever use, & I swear by it; it’s super shiny & long-lasting– if I didn’t have the urge to change my nails every week, I could honestly go two weeks with no chips because of it!

And voila! What do you think? :)


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