Matte vs. Shine

Realizing that I’ve been incorporating lighter shades of polish into my designs lately, a little out of the norm for me since I tend to go with darker hues because of my skin tone. So here’s my first design (on this blog, anyway) with my favorite color from Sinful Colors– Last Chance. It’s a gorgeous, deep shade of green, perfect for the winter, or in my case, when you’re craving some dark color.

I did a simple dotting design (use a bobby pin if you don’t own a dotting tool!) on top of the green, just at the tips. I used Snow Me White by Sinful Colors, Sage by Love & Beauty (XXI) and Lonesome Dove by Confetti.

Whenever I do any white designs on top of a dark color, I paint a single layer of matte topcoat over the nail before I put on the shiny one, just so the white doesn’t smear, using NYC’s Matte Me Crazy.

And then of course, two layers of my favorite Revlon ColorStay Top Coat for a fabulous, shiny finish and to seal in the design.

Which look do you prefer for this design, matte or shine?


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