Experimenting With Ciate, Pt. 2

Delving into a second venture with my Ciate mini mani month collection, I had A choose two “doors” for me to experiment with. The polishes he chose were Cookies And Cream and Dangerous Affair. For the infamous accent nail, I chose to do two coats of Cookies And Cream along with a quick leopard print design with a handy bobby pin. Upon deciding that I wanted to add some sparkle to the mani, I topped Dangerous Affair with a single coat of Love & Beauty’s Burgundy on all the other nails.

Ciate's Cookies And Cream

{Ciate’s Cookies & Cream}

Ciate's Dangerous Affair | Love & Beauty's Burgundy

{Ciate’s Dangerous Affair | Love & Beauty’s Burgundy}

I hadn’t done a leopard print in awhile, so I really liked the way this nail design turned out :) I’m loving this Ciate set, I’ve adored all the colors chosen so far, and I’m crossing my fingers that the luck continues!


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