Florals & Lace

Oy, I am behind on my postings! Ever since the semester started back up, I can feel myself slowly forgetting to update the little things in my life: my Twitter, this blog, etc. But it’s okay, because remember kids, school comes first ;)

A suggested I try some brighter colors this time around, so I hesitantly picked out the two brightest colors I could find in my Ciate mini mani month collection: Headliner, and Mojito for the accent nail. Of course, plain wasn’t going to do it for me, so I went through my Shany stamping plates, finding a full floral stamp as well as a pretty lace strip.

Ciate Paint Pots in Headliner and Mojito

{Ciate Paint Pots in Headliner and Mojito}

Although it was still a little too bright for my taste, I love the way they turned out with the added stamps. I suppose this is a lesson to myself to try new colors a little more often!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone :) Go Ravens! xo


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