Rockstar Glitter

Here’s my second (and final!) “late” post for the week:

I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous dark-base-gold-glitter polish in my Ciate mini mani month collection for a couple of days now, but had to refrain from changing up my nails until I wore off the brightness on my last mani– A always gives me a look of disapproval if I change polishes in less than a week, hahah– but I know that in his head he’s thinking of how much he loves me ;)

Twilight has a luscious black base with just the right amount of yellow-gold glitter, and was the inspiration for my look that I rocked last week:

Accent Nail with Ciate Paint Pot in Twilight

Couldn’t have been more happy with this look– this is one of those manis when every time I looked down, I couldn’t help but admire how perfectly they turned out, and how totally me they were!


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