Speckled Eggs

I’d been thinking all week about what I wanted to do for today’s new design and realized that Easter is already next Sunday! It’s crazy to think how fast this month went by for me– between a wonderful spring break and fabulous news about my plans for the summer, March has been passing by so quickly! A graduates in May, and I’m so excited to cheer him on as he accepts his diploma from the College of Business :) And for me, I’ll be doing the same in December and moving on into the wonderful world of PR.

So, in order to appropriately celebrate a holiday that I loved as a child, running around the house searching for plastic eggs filled with candy and clues to the whereabouts of the special Easter basket, I decided to pair my favorite glitter (Confetti’s Tazmanian Devil) with two great colors to create a resemblance of speckled Easter eggs:

Sinful Colors in Hazard | Spoiled in Toad-ally Amazing

{Sinful Colors in Hazard | Spoiled in Toad-ally Amazing}

LOVE the way this turned out! They definitely remind me of the bubble gum eggs I used to convince my mom to buy for me in those plastic egg carton containers :)

What’s your favorite childhood memory related to Easter?


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