Going Ombre

Oy, I’ve been such a bad blogger lately :( These past two weeks have been so crazy with end-of-semester projects, and here’s some proof on just how insane it’s been. So between a Penn State case study, a blog analysis and survey research on the usage of smartphones on campus…let’s just say getting to the point of graduation holds a very high priority over my nails.

So anyway, I decided to do a pretty simple ombre pink design last week using a sponge and three different shades of pink:

Sephora by OPI's I Gottta Blush On You | My Silicone Popped by Spoiled | I Got So Plastered by Spoiled

{Sephora by OPI’s I Gotta Blush On You}
{My Silicone Popped & I Got So Plastered by Spoiled}

I like the way the ombre turned out, but this wasn’t a huge favorite of mine. I think it’s definitely a go-to design for when you’re craving something abstract that’s simple to do!

Okay…back to being a good student– I will post my second “late” post soon! :)


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