Changes…And A Splash Of Glitter

Wow. I have definitely been sort of a turtle this past week, hidden away from all things social in my little shell. I have a legit excuse this time though; a couple of weeks ago, I made the decision to move back home to be closer to my family and to help take care of my younger sister. For the past week I’ve been spending quality time with A, enjoying our last couple of days before moving day– and tonight, I can finally say that I have successfully moved back into my cozy room at home :)

So I’m taking the time to relax tonight, and catch up on my posts on here, Twitter and Facebook. Last week, I combined a Shany stamp design with my favorite glitter from Confetti, and paired them with My Silicone Popped by Spoiled and Rich In Heart by Sinful Colors.

Spoiled's My Silicone Popped | Sinful Colors' Rich In Heart

Spoiled’s My Silicone Popped | Sinful Colors’ Rich In Heart

I love the way the flirtatiousness of the stamp complements the boldness of the bright glitter– this is definitely one of my more favorite manis to date :)


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