Pretty In Pink

Yesterday afternoon, I opted for a color change– something quick and simple that I could finish by the time my little sister’s show choir concert came around in the evening. On Tuesday, I found a set of e.l.f. nail polishes on clearance at Target for $9; since I’d never tried the brand before and the set was such a steal, I decided to go for it and test them out. I used a pretty pastel pink (Buff It Out) and a gold glitter (Gold Star) for the accent nail, along with a Shany stamp design for the rest of the nails.

e.l.f. In Buff It Out | Nude

e.l.f. In Buff It Out | Nude

Since it was quickly done, I’m not completely satisfied with the way it came out, but I’ll definitely try again when I have the time to devote :)

Have you tried or do you use e.l.f. cosmetics? If so, how do you like the brand?


2 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink

  1. I’m wondering if you can comment on the color of buff it out. I’m thinking about buying the elf essential 10pc set and am investigating the colors. Would you be able to provide pics? From your photo is looks white


    • Hey Dina, so sorry for the delayed response, I must have missed the notification for your comment! I will do a post within the next few days with a review on elf’s Buff It Out, it IS a very light pastel pink that is almost close to an eggshell color, but I’ll provide photos with various lighting so you can see for yourself :)

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