A Touch Of Polka Dots

I think I may have redone my nails four times within the past two days– okay, I know I did.

But I did end up with a successful mani ;) I think it’s the gloomy Florida weather that’s been making me so indecisive, I want my sunny beach days back!

This week, I decided that I wanted to go with something neutral and simple…my little sister will be singing a song at the All Children’s Hospital telethon tomorrow (aired live on WFLA!) and I didn’t want to go with anything too crazy or flashy, in the instance that I’m shaking hands with someone important and they’re thinking ‘Whoa, her nails…’ inside his/her head (lol).

{Ciate Paint Pots In Cookies And Cream | Vintage}

{Ciate Paint Pots In Cookies And Cream | Vintage}

I love the subtle touch of polka dots in combination with the two contrasting shades– it was exactly the look I was aiming for…even if it did take three times before I got there.

For inspiration for my little sister’s mani, I turned to my followers on Facebook and Instagram for their ideas for designs and colors.

fbI’m still debating on how to do her nails this evening so that it’ll complement her outfit– she’s wearing a colorful dress with hints of orange, white, green and pink.

What do you think? I could really use your ideas!


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