Loving Him Was…

RED. As in the color of this week’s manicure ;)

Earlier this week, while waiting at CVS for a prescription to be filled, I may have killed time by walking up and down the beauty aisles, and also may have found that they were having their beauty markdowns– 50% or 75% off select items. And with a little luck, bottles of Orly polish were marked down 50% off, making the polish only $4 a bottle– what a steal!

After sorting through what they had left on the shelves, I settled for two colors that weren’t similar to anything I already own, Red Flare and Pink Chocolate.

{Orly in Red Flare | Pink Chocolate}

{Orly in Red Flare | Pink Chocolate}

This week, I chose to use Red Flare with a single coat of my favorite Love & Beauty polish that’s ever existed, Burgundy.

{Love & Beauty in Burgundy}

{Love & Beauty in Burgundy}

I love this polish because of the tiny flecks of gold that it contains– it makes the polish appear glitter-y, but it’s so easy to take off compared to actual glitter polish! So, with two coats of Red Flare + a single coat of Burgundy + some stamp selections from Shany, this Independence Day-like look resulted:

photo (3)

All I can really say is LOVE LOVE LOVE. I don’t think I’m ever going to want to take this design off!



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