I decided to do a career-focused post today, and although I love nail art dearly and enjoy sharing that passion with you, I do want to make the point of writing more PR-related posts to really bring out both the ‘polished’ and the ‘PR’ part of my blog.

For the past four years, I’ve been actively involved in internships related to the marketing and PR industries. These experiences have truly shaped my career path: I’ve learned how to and how not to communicate with co-workers, supervisors, associates and clients (and am still learning more about this aspect of communication each and every day); I know that I do not want to go into crisis communications; I’ve developed a love for social media and doing PR for small businesses (preferably lifestyle brands); I’m adept at completing research, and Google has become my best friend; I know how to craft pitches, press releases and media alerts, and have learned how to compile press kits for clients.

Throughout all these opportunities, I’ve learned how to balance a full-time education with a part-time job and multiple internships. And now that I am entering my final semester before I graduate in December, I realize that there is only one chance left for me to really make myself stand out from the rest in the PR world.

I had this talk with my mentor about how there are still skills that I need to develop, skills that weren’t necessarily provided to me by my past internships because all of them were basically virtual internships. I know that finding a hands-on, in-office internship is the missing piece to the puzzle that awaits me at graduation, and I’m positive that once I gain this experience and the skills that go with it, I can confidently say that I’ll have the tools in my belt to move forward into the professional world.

So, here’s to hoping that I’ll be able to find that perfect fit of an internship for me come this fall semester, because it’s the one last opportunity I’ll have before I become a full-fledged PR gal.

But, of course, it’s not all about wishing and hoping. If I want it, I have to take the steps to go get it. And I will. :)


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