Normally, I ooh and ahh over the latest subscription boxes that are released by a variety of brands, but never feel compelled to subscribe. Maybe it’s the “But I want my polish right here, right now when I pay” part of me, or maybe I’m just trying to be a responsible college student and cut down my polish fund.

But yesterday, the latest subscription service SquareHue came into my radar, and I may actually consider subscribing to its September color collection. What makes me not feel guilty about this thought is the fact that a portion of your monthly fee is contributed to organizations that focus on helping others.


Photo Credit: SquareHue.com

On its website, SquareHue labels its current philanthropic focus as spreading awareness for the prevention of human trafficking. The A21 Campaign is the current organization on the receiving end of the donations.

I think that the ‘do-good’ aspect of SquareHue is really what makes the brand stand out from other nail polish subscription services. The price per month is relatively the same as other services such as Julep and Color Me Monthly, $19.99 per month for three, full-sized 0.50 oz bottles, picked for you based on the current nail color trends predicted for that month. An added benefit is that the polishes are ‘3-free’ and eco-friendly, meaning they don’t contain DBP, formaldehyde or toluene.

I’ll keep you updated on whether or not I decide to opt-in on the subscription ;)

I’m really curious to know though, does the fact that a brand has a ‘do-good’ vibe impact your decision on whether to purchase its products? Please let me know your thoughts!


4 thoughts on “SquareHue

  1. Personally, a charitable mission would make me take a second look at a company. But I’m so cynical and wary as to how much money actually gets donated! (For any company, not just SquareHue) If a company had a reference page of their actual contributions, that sort of transparancy would be laudable! …just my 2¢

    • Thanks for your candid comment, Elise! I completely agree, it’s easy to be wary of a company that boasts charitable contributions. In SquareHue’s case (according to Fashionista), about 30% of its profits goes to charity, with the partners of SquareHue hoping to increase that amount– which is great!

      But of course, before making an impulse buy due to a brand’s ‘do-good’ vibe, it’s important to do a little more research to make sure that you’re making a significant contribution :)

      Thanks again!

  2. personally, the charitable cause thing doesn’t make a difference. social responsibility, philanthropy, giving back and blah blah blah’s all good, but in the end it’s still a for-profit business. it’s nice, but doesn’t matter to me. however, if hue and pantone universe for married and birthed a box, i’d subscribe like that. it’s the design nerd in me.

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