Back to Basics

Please bear with me these next couple of weeks with my plain nail “designs” (if we can even call some of them that!): I’m going to be keeping it simple until I’ve grown these little nubs to the desired length and shape, then I’ll start getting crafty with my nails again ;)

It’s been a while since I’ve chosen a dark nail color, and now that my nails are short and round, I think it’s the perfect time to go back to black– at least for this week, anyway! This is two coats of Charcoal by Love & Beauty, paired with some gold accent stamping. I love how this color has just a hint of metallic sparkle in it– it’s perfect with a single coat of Seche Vite…so shiny!




3 thoughts on “Back to Basics

    • Thank you so much, Kitsu! Hahah, my stamping has its good and bad days– it really all depends on the consistency of the polish you use…I feel like they apply much better when the polish is thick, so I put aside my older polishes to use for stamping :)

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