Rich In Red

Yay!– finally, a simple mani that I am totally in love with! Shortly after my craving for a black mani came my craving for something dark red. I was originally just going to paint my nails a simple, solid, dark red color, but I decided to add my favorite red glitter polish at the very end, and I’m so glad I did :)

I used two coats of Sinful Colors’ Rich In Heart– like its name describes, it’s a very deep, rich red that could be mistaken for black if not carefully looked at! Then, I added one coat of Love & Beauty’s Burgundy, my all-time favorite glitter-flake polish in the world. It added the perfect amount of shine and sparkle to the mani– don’t you just love when things work out like that? ;)

photo 4

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

I’m excited because this mani will match my hair (sort of) when I get my red highlights toned tomorrow in between work. Fresh nails + fresh hair is the best <3


4 thoughts on “Rich In Red

    • Ahhh that compliment just made me so giddy lol <3 That means so much considering the current state of my natural nails, just need to grow them stronger, and a little longer…it's so strange looking down and seeing little nubs as my nails!

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