PR Post: 1st PRSSA Twitter Chat of the Year!

Last night I participated in PRSSA National’s first Twitter chat of the school year– the theme was “Getting Prepared for a Successful PRSSA Year”.


PRSSA Twitter chats are a wonderful way to network with brilliant minds in public relations and fellow aspiring PR pros. Because this particular chat was inspired by the beginning of a new school year, we all took turns sharing our answers to questions such as:

  • What we did over the summer that will help us to strengthen our PRSSA chapter this year
  • Ways to better recruit members
  • How we relay benefits of PRSSA membership
  • How we make meetings more engaging
  • What events we have planned for this upcoming year
  • How we connect/keep in touch with PRSSA alums

One of my tweets regarding an PRSSA event idea suggestion was even favorited by PRSSA National on Twitter and then later featured on the chat recap post on the official blog, Progressions!


I am so glad I was able to represent my PRSSA chapter at USF! The hour went by so quickly— it really is amazing how time flies when you’re enjoying fun and productive collaboration with your peers :) I learned so much from other members and am feeling so inspired and motivated for this final semester in college– yes, even more inspired and more motivated than I already was! And on top of all that was taken away from the chat, we even got the topic of PRSSA trending worldwide on Twitter– check out that value of public relations ;)

If you’ve participated in a PR-related Twitter chat, what would you say was the most valuable piece of information or advice that you took away from the chat? I’d love to compile some answers into a future blog post!


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