Guest Post: shine and sheen

I am very pleased to introduce my very first guest post on this blog, written for you by the lovely Christina over at shine and sheen :) We swapped theme ideas with one another, my theme for her being “sparkle like you mean it.” I also asked her to tell you a little bit more about herself, which you’ll find below her post.


hello, hello! i’m christina, the girl behind the new nail blog shine & sheen. i’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of nail art, an endless source of creativity for me and i’m so excited to think up funky nail designs, instagram my photos, and plaster them up on my blog! i also like meeting other nail bloggers and polish passionate people. here are some of my likes: matthew williamson (style), zara and topshop (wardrobe), urban outfitters (shopping), benefits, mac and laura mercier (makeup), DVF (idol), new york and shanghai (to live), boracay, marrakech and paris (to travel), and my adorable french boyfriend (for all the moments in between!) – i would love to hear from you, feel free to send me a message and let’s talk nails (or fashion or travel, or whatever!) xx shine and sheen
i loved this theme – so clever and cute! one of my favorite sparkles is just fine glitter polish (silver) as it is simply so perfect (with 5 coats of course!) and for a bigger sparkle, i glued on this adorable faux-swarovski bow i found, over an OPI black as it stands out better like that. sparkle away, girls!

Photo 24-08-13 20 21 28

Photo 26-08-13 10 35 38

Where did the name shine and sheen come from? – i love the word ‘shine’ – and sheen is my middle name ;)

How often do you change your mani? every 2-3 days! but on vacation, i’ll let my nails breathe for 1-2 weeks

What does your nail care regimen look like?a LOT of cuticle oil. and hand cream several times a day

Your all-time favorite, go-to nail design? i love a classic french, what can i say?

A design you’d like to try in the future?i like the straight lines and triangles from using nail tape – but haven’t put in the time to try it out yet!

What brand of top coat do you use?these days OPI…

If you could have anyone discover your blog and become a fan, who would it be?i’m gonna cheat and give two names: DVF is my all-time icon. and sophia amoruso the founder of nasty gal is my modern-day idol.


Thank you so much, Christina, for contributing to Polished PR! Christina’s nail designs are beautiful, and I encourage you to connect with her over at shine and sheen!


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