First Week Of The Semester

Happy hump day! (Honestly, I never really liked how hump day sounded– but the Geico commercial with the camel in it made it cool again, lol.) I just wanted to upload a post about my nails this week, along with an update on my initial thoughts of how I think the semester is going to go.

As I mentioned in a past post, I met with the Director of Marketing for All Children’s Hospital on Monday to get the details of my internship sorted out for the semester. After meeting with her and getting introduced to the rest of the staff in the Marketing department, I am truly so excited to begin interning with all of the communications departments next week– I feel so grateful that my biggest opportunity comes just before I graduate :)

For this first impression, I painted my nails a simple, neutral color (Khaki by Love & Beauty) and donned my favorite blue lace dress, pairing it with some chocolate brown accessories:

Yesterday was my last first day of the semester! Instead of doing the V-shaped gold design over the nude base, I decided to just go with a simple vertical stripe instead (with Luxe by Orly). And how convenient, for it ended up matching one of the notebooks I purchased for this semester– hah!

photo 2 (1)

So far: I think this final semester is going to be absolutely fantastic :) I have the opportunities to let ME shine through, and I hope that I am able to find myself a job I am in love with by the time that I graduate.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week yourself, so far! xo


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