Versatile Blogger Award

So happy to be able to type up this post– I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Paint Me Pretty and The Polish Influenza! Thank you so much for following and thinking of Polished PR, ladies!


My Nominees:

1. Be Happy and Buy Polish

2. Our Painted World

3. Sparkle and Love 

4. Good Lack, Nail

5. Craftynail

6. Lacquered by Blue Vanilla

7. Maiden Aunt Advice

8. Pocket Money Polishes

9. Shine and Sheen

10. Nailmattic

11. Flight of Whimsy

12. The Obsessed

13. Buy ALL The Colors

14. MissHollyBerries

15. Blondes Love Cupcakes

It was so hard to choose only 15! Whether it’s the versatile nail art posts or the variety of beauty-related posts, these ladies do an amazing job as bloggers and I feel like they truly represent what the Versatile Blogger Award encompasses :)

Seven Interesting Things About Me:

*I am really bad at writing about myself, so bear with me here.

1. I have somewhat of an identity crisis. Hahah, not really. But my mom is Vietnamese and my dad is technically Chinese (both his parents are Chinese), even though he was born in Vietnam and doesn’t know a lick of Chinese– so when people ask me what nationality I am, I kind of stumble over my answer lol.

2. I have a huge passion for music and love to sing :)

3. I can French braid my own hair.

4. I looooove bacon (sorry, vegetarians and vegans).

5. I have a really hard time finding nice pants that fit me because of my size, wahhh.

6. I have three sisters– lucky Dad!

7. Uh. I love doing my nails? << This counts, right? I mean, it is interesting.

Hope you’re having a great weekend so far :) xo


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