Midnight Passion by H&M

Last weekend, after my sister’s baby shower, we went to the mall for a quick shopping trip and I insisted on going to H&M to utilize a $6 gift card to Wrapp that was about to expire. After searching through racks and racks of clothing and not feeling very inspired by the selection, I headed straight to the nail art section. Initially, I was going to get a box of cute panda and owl nail stickers, but saw that their nail polish was on sale for buy two, get one free. Normally $4.95 a bottle, I walked out of the store with three bottles, only having to pay $4 total.

This swatch is of Midnight Passion, a beautiful vamp-y red shade that I’ve never had the opportunity of owning before. The color actually brings me back to tenth grade, when a classmate walked into my AP World History class wearing the most beautiful dark red nail color by Chanel. Looking back, I remember being envious– she was so fashionable and always up-to-date with the latest trends. So now, every time I look down at this beautiful color, I feel pretty proud wearing it…is that weird? Hahah ;)

I’ve never tried using nail color from H&M before, but if this particular shade is indicative of how the other two will apply, I’m hooked! Such smooth application, and only two easy coats needed!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


After this great experience, I’m super excited to swatch the other two! Stayed tuned for this weekend’s November guest post, as well as next week for my next swatch. Have a fabulous weekend! xo


13 thoughts on “Midnight Passion by H&M

    • Thank you for that! I’m so OCD when it comes to cleaning up the cuticles after– I was worried that because of the shade of red that there would be smearing, but H&M proved me wrong :)

  1. From what I’ve seen this far (both here and on your upcoming graduation post -congrats btw!) I really think I should check out the H&M nail color range ASAP! Who would have thought they do such amazing (& by the look of it smooth in applying) colors? Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I just bought this shade. I have to say Midnight Passion is so much like Chanel’s Rouge Noir. I have both and comparing the two: H&M’s midnight passion doesn’t seem to stain my nails unlike Chanel !

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