It’s official! As of yesterday, I now hold a Bachelor’s degree in mass communications (with a track in public relations, of course!). It’s such an awesome feeling, and it’s even more amazing to be able to say that I successfully reached the goals that I set for myself when I first began pursuing this major.

I wanted to gain industry experience from the get-go, and continue my education by experiencing a variety of positions in the advertising, marketing and public relations industries. Within my four years at USF, I successfully completed six internships, all which contributed greatly to my growth as a student. Another big goal that I set for myself was to grow as a leader. I participated in leadership sessions at my university and learned lessons from personal experiences within the classroom. As my last semester required many group projects in lieu of exams, I found myself in the position of group leader many times, and learned how to manage a group of people and delegate responsibilities. I also learned how to balance “reminding” (not micromanaging), with assuming control when things were still incomplete as a deadline neared. And lastly, I really wanted to be able to secure an offer for a job before graduation came around– I knew that it would be possible if I continued to gain valuable internship and work experience and also accumulate an arsenal of skills to build my resume with. I’m really proud to say that I was able to make all that happen, and I am so ready for this next chapter in my life :)

photo 3

Sephora by OPI’s I Come In Peas | Orly’s Luxe

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I start my new job on Monday (yes, tomorrow), but I will be back soon with nail design for the holidays :) Until then! xoxo


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