Finding An Internship

Since I re-branded my blog to Polished PR, I haven’t really written about the public relations industry from a personal perspective. Not because I don’t have a lot to say (because I do), but mostly because I didn’t want to preach about things I hadn’t necessarily practiced yet. I didn’t want to talk about the process of becoming a PR pro if I hadn’t gotten there– but now that I’ve actually gone through the four-year process of internships, resume-updating, job applications and the subsequent interviews, and now finally landed a position in the professional world, I think that it’s time to share some of my knowledge with you :)

I’ll be writing a series of blog posts with tip sheets that range from the entire internship process (finding, getting & maintaining an internship position) to juggling post-secondary education with extracurricular activities, internships and a part-time job. First up, though, is how to find an internship position.

Finding An Internship Title-01


I want to start off by stressing: start this phase as soon as possible. The biggest thing that employers look at is your consistency within the industry. Whether you were an intern at a single company for four years or dabbled in various industry experiences, learning a myriad of skill sets over the span of four years, employers want to see your dedication.  This tip sheet will serve as your guide throughout your internship search– print it out, save it to your phone…whatever helps!

Finding An Internship-01



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