Which Industry Should You Work In?

Today’s post is inspired by a fellow LinkedIn user who responded to my Finding An Internship post, asking, ‘How can I find out which industry/company is suitable for me to work in?

Which Industry-01

It’s a topic I didn’t think to include in this series of posts initially, and I’m so glad that she brought it up. When I first started my post-secondary education, I was studying biomedical sciences and following the seven-year medical program at my university, a stark contrast to the degree in mass communications I now hold. When I decided to change my major, I was trying to figure out whether to follow the advertising track or the public relations one. This question was all too relevant to the position I was in– so, how did I figure out which industry was suitable for me?

Which Industry Should I Work In-01

Before deciding to change my major, and again before choosing between the advertising and public relations tracks, I did my research. You should know what to expect as far as coursework for your major goes and what responsibilities are expected of you once you apply for an internship or full-time position. I chose public relations because of the versatility of the industry– between advertising, event coordination, marketing, PR and writing, I have a loaded belt of tools because of all that I learned through coursework and internship experiences. “Why did you choose this major?” is a pretty common question that comes up on the first day of classes. It’s important that you have the answer to this question if you’re serious about the track you’re on.

Experience, experience, experience. I can’t stress this enough! Although getting advice from others is important, whether it’s from a mentor you’ve established a relationship with or from peers in a group you network with, experiencing each position for yourself is even better, because an aspect that someone else loves about the industry he/she works in may turn out to be something that you hate about it!

Like always, the tip sheet is there for your use– keep it on your phone, print it out and/or share it with classmates :)


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