I’d Love Your Help!

In this non-nail-related post, I’m requesting your help with a little photo contest that my workplace is holding :) Each department in the office was given the task of putting together a holiday-themed photo, which was shot in our production studio. My department (social) put together a photo that we felt brought back the childhood memories of opening presents, and that ecstatic feeling you got after realizing that you got exactly what you hoped for:



This contest involves us garnering the most likes on our photo on our company’s Facebook page– the department with the most likes on its photo by New Year’s Day will receive a special holiday treat! And as our department deals with social media for clients, I couldn’t bear to lose a contest that involves garnering engagement on a Facebook post.

Please help me out by clicking here and hitting that like button, and maybe even go the extra mile and encourage your friends to do the same. With my career path, it’s important for me to prove the power of social media and word-of-mouth tactics, so I would really appreciate your support <3 Thank you in advance! xx


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