Fiore By Julep

Now I can officially say: HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m getting good vibes about 2014, and am also looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Polished PR :) One of the big goals for this blog that I want to have completed by the end of this year is to swatch all the colors in my nail polish collection. Considering I have a good number (but not a crazy amount) of colors, it’s definitely feasible.

On Black Friday, Julep had a big online sale, including $1 polishes on select colors. While scrolling through the list of colors, Fiore caught my eye, and I happily placed the item in my cart and checked out. Yes, only one polish– I told myself I was going to focus on spending on others instead of myself during the holidays! I waited until yesterday to swatch it since I was so focused on nail designs for Christmas and New Year’s Eve during these past couple of weeks.

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)

After the initial application and after seeing how the color turned out in photos, I dubbed Fiore as a charcoal with violet undertones. The website, however, describes it as an ‘espresso brown crème’. Uhm…is it just me, or does this color definitely NOT look anything like a brown?! Regardless of the description though, I was satisfied with the smooth, creamy application, but I would have liked it if the color was a little bit lighter– every time I look down at my nails, it appears as if I’m wearing black nail polish :(

I would love your input on my next swatch! What shades or tones would you like to see on my nails next?


2 thoughts on “Fiore By Julep

  1. It is kind of brownish on the first photo but I wouldn’t call it a brown. Like the colour though, not too sure if I’d wear it alone. I am sure though that it will look great in nail art :)

    • Yeah, I definitely wasn’t impressed with the color on its own, but I’m curious to see how it’ll look with other colors in a design. I think a color block design would look great incorporating this color! :)

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