Liquid Sand Dotticure

I hope that you enjoyed your weekend– this one was such a blur for me! I’m slowly starting to catch up on these belated posts, this will be the last “themed” one for a little bit while I work on my PR posts and those special posts I told you about earlier ;)

I was trying to think of something unique last week that I could do with my nails that involved polka dots. I surveyed my nail polish collection and picked the first two things that caught my eye: Lonesome Dove from Confetti and Baby Please Come Home, an OPI Liquid Sand polish. I thought it’d be interesting to do some dotting with a textured polish for once, and I think I was right! I submitted it to Nail It! Magazine for its May/June 2014 issue, so fingers crossed the design gets picked up :)

Dotticure Liquid Sand W4

Dotticure Liquid Sand W2

Dotticure Liquid Sand W3

As for those ‘special’ posts: I’m excited to say that I received an ultra-generous nail mail package last week from Shimmer Polish, with 12 bottles of pure glittery goodness! This means I’ll actually be doing 12 swatches total (rather than the 10 I said before), with two new posts introduced each week :) I’m super excited to share with you my swatches and reviews!


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