Jennifer By Shimmer Polish

*Disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided by the manufacturer for review.

I’m super excited to present to you the first swatch and review of Shimmer Polish! Today’s swatch is of Jennifer— can you guess why I chose to swatch that one first? ;)

I started off with a coat of Bonder from Orly as a base and followed up with two thin coats of Super Natural, also from Orly. After the coats dried completely, I applied two nice, thick coats of Jennifer, making sure that the glitter covered fully.

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

photo 5

Isn’t it absolutely beautiful? And not to mention super sparkly! The only thing I would change about this swatch is the color I used for the base– I chose the light pink because I thought that it would bring out the pink flecks of glitter in Jennifer nicely. However, I think a darker polish, perhaps blue, would really bring out all of the the glitter (pink, orange, gold, blue & black) in Jennifer. <– Yes, it is really weird saying my name in the third person like that.

So far, I’m amazed with the Shimmer Polish line. The polish consistency is perfect, it’s not thick and lumpy as you can imagine with other glitter polishes, and the glitter applies evenly. When I removed the polish (by wrapping my nails in cotton balls soaked with nail polish remover + aluminum foil), the polish came off very easily– also something I haven’t been able to experience with other glitter polishes! With this only being my first swatch, I’m am itching to continue swatching!

Next swatch will be using Kim, so be sure to check back soon! xo


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