Workplace Wednesday: Extreme Ruffian

Workplace Wednesday-01

I am so excited to introduce ‘Workplace Wednesdays’ to the blog– dedicated to a day that celebrates working women everywhere and our right to a fabulous manicure. These posts will feature simple do-it-yourself nail designs that both make a statement and are appropriate for the workplace. Today’s feature is the ‘extreme ruffian,’ introduced by the Ruffian team on their Spring 2014 runway.

This manicure features a nude (Khaki from Love & Beauty by Forever 21) paired with a pop of teal (Rise And Shine from Sinful Colors). I began by applying a medium coat of Rise And Shine to each nail and allowed the polish to dry fully. Using Khaki and its provided polish brush, I carefully applied a thin coat of the color to each nail, allowing about 1-2 mm of teal to remain visible around the nail. After applying a second coat of nude polish and allowing it to dry fully, I used a very thin acrylic paint brush to touch-up the curve, dipping it in the teal polish and using careful strokes to perfect the nude curve. I left one nail without the ruffian design to act as the accent nail:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

What kind of design would you like to see next? It can be anything– from a simple swatch of a great nude, black or white to a galaxy nail design!


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