Green & Gold Nails For St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you’re wearing some form of green today– bonus points for you if it’s on your nails ;)

I thought it’d be be fun to do a fresh St. Patrick’s Day-inspired set that didn’t require the shamrocks, rainbows or pots of gold; just a simple and clean green and gold design.

For my thumb, ring and pinky fingers, I started off with two thin coats of Vivacious Verdigris from Cuccio Colour, a dark, matte metallic green. After the polish dried, I applied a v-shaped decal towards the tip of each nail and covered it with a coat of Honey Ryder, a Liquid Sand polish from The Bond Girls Collection by OPI. After this polish dried completely, I carefully peeled off the stickers to reveal a v-shaped metallic green design on each nail.

For my index and middle fingers, I began with a single coat of I Come In Peas from Sephora by OPI, and topped it with a thick coat of Linna from Shimmer Polish.

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

love how clean cut it turned out! I usually have such horrible experiences using decals or stickers to create a textured design, but it worked out perfectly for me this time around– hopefully this is a good sign for future experiments. I also love how it doesn’t scream, ‘Kiss me, I’m trying to pretend I’m Irish,’ but still covers me on the wearing green part :)

Did you paint your nails green for St. Patrick’s Day? Share your photos with me by tagging me (@polishedpr) on Instagram!


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