Workplace Wednesday: Unconventional French Manicure

Although I will be featuring the classic French manicure at some point within this Workplace Wednesday series, I thought it’d be fun to do something a little out-of-the-box this time around. I was thinking about the look I wanted to pull off for today’s post and ‘fun & flirty’ immediately came to mind.

So– lo and behold– an unconventional French mani. Or, as I like to view it, a strapless dress design embellished with strings of pearls ;)

photo 1

photo 2

It’s a simple do-it-yourself design– all it takes is a sheer pink base, an angled stroke from both the left and right sides with a dark polish, and some pearly white dotting. For the base, I used Crush in Lake Como from Cuccio Colour. The strapless dress was painted on using Vivacious Verdigris, also from Cuccio Colour, and the pearls were created using a plain white polish, Snow from China Glaze.

At first glance, do you see strapless dresses adorned with strings of pearls, or just an embellished French manicure? 


2 thoughts on “Workplace Wednesday: Unconventional French Manicure

  1. Love it! I can definitely see the strapless dress with pearls thing now that you said it. That would be so cute if you matched your nails to your dress and necklace like this :D

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