Feeling French

*Disclosure: One of the products featured in this post was provided by the manufacturer for review.

Alice, from the Born Pretty Store, reached out to me a couple of weeks ago requesting reviews of a couple of the website’s products. One of the items that caught my eye was a set of ‘Nostalgic Eiffel Tower’ nail art decals— I thought the decals would make for the perfect accent nails.

It was definitely one of my better ideas! I chose my ring finger and thumb to use as the accent nails and applied two coats of Simply Sizzling from Rimmel London’s Salon Pro line on the other three nails. After the polish dried completely, I chose the decal sizes that best fit my thumb and ring finger– both sizes fit perfectly, so there was no trimming needed. The application process was super simple– I applied the decal to the bottom of the nail first, then smoothed it out toward the tip of the nail. Then, I pulled the decal gently over the tip of the nail and quickly filed off the excess. I sealed in the manicure with two coats of INM Out The Door top coat.

photo 1


photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

love how this mani turned out! I’m so excited to use the leftover decals for future uses– I’d love to pair them with an espresso brown polish :) You can take a look at what else the Born Pretty Store offers nail artists on its new arrivals and most popular pages. If it’s your first time shopping, you can use my code FLX31 at checkout for 10% off your order.

I’ll be on hiatus for a bit, checking in here and there, but will have guest bloggers freshening up the content with beauty, fashion and career tips for your reading pleasure!



Hello, April.

Happy first day of April! It’s going to be a crazy, busy month for me, but while I’m sharing some guest posts with you, I’ll be building up some nail art inspiration just in time to share with you come May :)

Polished PR recently reached 4,000 fans on Facebook and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’m just amazed– it was only recently that I held my 2K giveaway and I’ve already doubled that milestone, all thanks to the #sharethelove movement. Thank you, for supporting me in this journey. I really could not be where I am today without you! Next milestone: 5,000 fans– I’ll be hosting my next giveaway then!

With that, I will leave you with this whimsical, spring-themed design. I incorporated this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, adorned with fun and bright daisies. For the base color, I used two coats of Sweet Tooth from Sinful Colors. Using a flat brush and a white polish (I used Snow Me White from Sinful Colors), I painted on five white petals and finished each daisy with a dot of yellow (Unicorn from Sinful Colors) in the center. For the accent nail, I applied a single coat of Tazmanian Devil from Confetti over two coats of Sweet Tooth.

photo 1


photo 4


photo 2


photo 3


I hope you have a lovely day, sans any April Fools’ Day jokes ;) Until next time! xo


Things To Remember During The Job Hunt

Job Hunt Title-01


Prior to, and during, the daunting adventure of searching for a full-time career, there are many pieces of advice given to us by family members, friends, mentors and peers. Sometimes, we get the hopeless thoughts of never finding a position stuck in our heads, placed there by the people who tell us, “The market is tough— it took me months after graduation to find a job. You’ll encounter the same.” Other times, we find ourselves overwhelmed, because we are told, “Apply for every single job you find.”

As a recent graduate who successfully secured a couple of job offers prior to graduation, I want to share three pieces of advice that I personally want to give you that may contrast from what you’ve been hearing, along with my reasoning behind them.

Don’t spread yourself thin.
I can’t tell you how often I heard advice along the lines of “Apply for everything,” being given to students entering the job search phase of their career path. I cannot emphasize this enough to you: don’t do it. You’re only doing yourself a disadvantage of applying to every job that’s related to your industry. It’s important to select position that are tailored to the skills and experience that you have. You’re also setting yourself up for a big letdown if you’re applying for a position that you’re not 100% sure you’re a good fit for.
Read the rest of this post on All She Wrote PR, where it was originally featured!

Calling All Bloggers!

Guest Bloggers Title-01

Whether you blog about nail art, career advice or public relations, you contribute something very valuable to your readers. This next month is going to be very busy career-wise on my end and I don’t want to leave my readers in the dust!

If you’re interested in contributing a guest post to Polished PR, please email me at askpolishedpr [at] gmail [dot] com—  kindly include your blog name into the subject line and give a brief snippet of what you want to write about within the body of the email. I would love to collaborate with you and introduce my readers to you and shine a light on your blog :)

Hope to hear from you soon! xo

‘Pretty & Preppy’ Nail Art Kit From Shine & Sheen

*Disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided by the manufacturer for review.

Early in my nail art blogging ventures, I connected with Christina of Shine & Sheen, a colorful nail art blog filled to the brim with endless creativity. She was the contributor of my very first guest post on Polished PR and since then, we’ve supported one another in our contributions to the nail art community. While I stuck to the swatching, designing and blogging, Christina headed in an entrepreneurial direction with Shine & Sheen, and has launched a line of concept nail art kits!

I was SO excited when she asked if I would review one of her kits– even if I hadn’t connected with her before, the fabulous idea of concept nail art kits tailored to a certain style/personality is one that would have drawn me in immediately! I chose to be sent the Pretty & Preppy nail art kit; on the cover is Amanda, “a preppy, girly & classic Blair Waldorf”:

photo (1)

The list of what’s included is long, but it’ll give you an idea of just how fabulous this kit is!

  • Nail polish in Marina Blue
  • Nail polish in Bubblegum
  • Nail polish in The Grass Is Greener
  • The 2-in-1 base + top coat
  • Nail striper in Eggshell
  • See You In The Hamptons! nail wraps (set of 14)
  • Garden Party Princess nail wraps (set of 14)
  • One pot of Girl Meets Boy nail beads
  • Nail art color wheel
  • Double-sided dotting tool
  • Mini scissors
  • Mini tweezers
  • Mini rhinestones picker
  • Mini nail file
  • Sheet of French manicure stickers
  • Toothpicks

Are you amazed yet? Everything you need to complete a pretty & preppy nail design is included in this nail art kit! I wanted my mani to have a pop of color with a hint of an accent, so I pulled out the nail polish in Bubblegum, the nail striper in Eggshell and two nail wraps in See You In The Hamptons! I applied the nail wraps to my ring fingers and applied two coats of Bubblegum to each of the other nails. After the coats dried, I used the nail striper to create a single line down the center of each nail– save for the thumb, where I created a V with the striper.

photo 2

photo 1

photo 4

photo 5


It was so effortless to pull off this look! I’m so excited to create even more designs with the items provided in the nail art kit– I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, if you’re interested in checking out the four other themed nail art kits and ordering your own, you can visit Shine & Sheen’s shop here. Originally $35 per kit, you can order a kit for the special price of $30 from now until the end of April!

2K Giveaway Winner

The giveaway that I hosted on Rafflecopter for reaching 2,000 followers on my Facebook page has ended, and a winner has been randomly selected!

Congratulations to Jacqui, from Craftynail! She just won a package of nail goodies, including a bottle of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, four mini bottles of the new Sheer Tints by OPI, a bottle of the Gwen Stefani Signature Shade ‘Over & Over-A-Gwen’ from OPI and a package of OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps!

photo (1)

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this giveaway happen by being a Facebook fan and who participated in this giveaway :) There will most definitely be more opportunities for giveaways in the future, so be on the look out!

Workplace Wednesday: Unconventional French Manicure

Although I will be featuring the classic French manicure at some point within this Workplace Wednesday series, I thought it’d be fun to do something a little out-of-the-box this time around. I was thinking about the look I wanted to pull off for today’s post and ‘fun & flirty’ immediately came to mind.

So– lo and behold– an unconventional French mani. Or, as I like to view it, a strapless dress design embellished with strings of pearls ;)

photo 1

photo 2

It’s a simple do-it-yourself design– all it takes is a sheer pink base, an angled stroke from both the left and right sides with a dark polish, and some pearly white dotting. For the base, I used Crush in Lake Como from Cuccio Colour. The strapless dress was painted on using Vivacious Verdigris, also from Cuccio Colour, and the pearls were created using a plain white polish, Snow from China Glaze.

At first glance, do you see strapless dresses adorned with strings of pearls, or just an embellished French manicure? 

Green & Gold Nails For St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you’re wearing some form of green today– bonus points for you if it’s on your nails ;)

I thought it’d be be fun to do a fresh St. Patrick’s Day-inspired set that didn’t require the shamrocks, rainbows or pots of gold; just a simple and clean green and gold design.

For my thumb, ring and pinky fingers, I started off with two thin coats of Vivacious Verdigris from Cuccio Colour, a dark, matte metallic green. After the polish dried, I applied a v-shaped decal towards the tip of each nail and covered it with a coat of Honey Ryder, a Liquid Sand polish from The Bond Girls Collection by OPI. After this polish dried completely, I carefully peeled off the stickers to reveal a v-shaped metallic green design on each nail.

For my index and middle fingers, I began with a single coat of I Come In Peas from Sephora by OPI, and topped it with a thick coat of Linna from Shimmer Polish.

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

love how clean cut it turned out! I usually have such horrible experiences using decals or stickers to create a textured design, but it worked out perfectly for me this time around– hopefully this is a good sign for future experiments. I also love how it doesn’t scream, ‘Kiss me, I’m trying to pretend I’m Irish,’ but still covers me on the wearing green part :)

Did you paint your nails green for St. Patrick’s Day? Share your photos with me by tagging me (@polishedpr) on Instagram!

Success In Public Relations

Yesterday, over coffee, a friend and colleague of mine shared with me a read that she thought I’d find helpful and relevant to the public relations industry. It’s a list of personality traits that determine whether an individual will succeed in the world of public relations, which I’m sure you’ve come across in public relations textbooks or journals. These traits were compiled by Bill Cantor, an author and the president of an executive search company in New York known as The Cantor Concern, which has since evolved into Cantor Integrated Marketing Staffing.

I’m going to share all 10 traits with you, then elaborate on the five that I feel are most relevant to a young pre-professional.


Cantor’s Traits for Success:

  1. Response to tension
  2. Individual initiative
  3. Curiosity and learning
  4. Energy, drive and ambition
  5. Objective thinking
  6. Flexible attitude
  7. Service to others
  8. Friendliness
  9. Versatility
  10. Lack of self-consciousness

If you can relate to all ten of these characteristics, you and public relations go together like peas and carrots. Out of these 10 traits, the five that I feel benefited me most when I first started as an intern are:

Individual Initiative

It only does you a disadvantage if you’re always waiting for instructions. Being able to think ahead of the game and anticipate needs is necessary in the world of PR.

Curiosity & Learning

You’ll never ever stop learning at any point in your career, because in this industry we are constantly evolving, learning and adapting to new trends. It’s said so often, but, be a sponge. And better than that, want to be a sponge. You should always want to learn more about a client and its product/service, mission and competitors. 

Energy, Drive & Ambition

In my opinion, the best of public relations professionals never complain about how tired they are. Sure, we’ll joke about how much coffee we consume, but working around the clock is something to be expected from this industry. Instead, they talk about that adrenaline rush they got from a busy, productive day or the feeling of satisfaction they got from a campaign well-done. Great PR pros are stimulated, not deterred, by problems, and are persistent on finding a solution.

Objective Thinking

The ability to be perceptive and aware of your surroundings and what’s going on in them is a vital trait to possess in PR. As Cantor explains, you “must know what to do and say and when.” Working in the industry requires you to pay very close attention to detail, especially in writing, as well as the ability to observe someone else’s feelings through verbal and non-verbal communication.

Flexible Attitude

I’ll admit, sometimes it’s hard to be aware of when you’re in the wrong, but it’s still a necessary trait as a PR professional. Because you communicate with so many different individuals, from your clients, to their audiences, to the media, it’s also important that you’re able to see things from their points of view. Don’t always make decisions based on your own personal beliefs. Instead, take into consideration your client, its audience and the media when necessary.


Which traits do you think are most important when it comes to starting off in the world of public relations? Let me know by leaving me a comment, or starting a conversation with me on Twitter at @thisjenngirl.


Workplace Wednesday: Waterfall Nail Art

Happy Wednesday– I hope your week is going well :) Today’s Workplace Wednesday features a super easy nail art trick that anyone can pull off to add a little oomph to an otherwise plain manicure– a waterfall design!

I started off with a plain pastel pink base, Marsha from Julep, which was exactly the color I used for my Oscars mani cam post. I chose two different shades of gold, Luxe from Orly and I Only Shop Vintage from Sephora by OPI.

Starting off with I Only Shop Vintage and using a thin acrylic paint brush, I painted four to five strokes from the base of the nail to halfway up the nail, on each nail. After cleaning the brush, I switched to Luxe and painted again, four to five strokes, in between the lines I already created.

photo 2 (2)

photo 4

photo 3 (2)

The best part about this nail art design? You don’t have to have steady hands to pull it off, because it doesn’t have to be perfect! Plus, any color combination looks absolutely fabulous :)