Floral Decals From Born Pretty

*Disclosure: One of the products featured in this post was provided by the manufacturer for review.

During the time that Alice, from the Born Pretty Store, reached out to me in regards to writing up a product review, another item that caught my eye was this set of flower-patterned water decals. They looked perfect for springtime and I thought they’d pair nicely with a soft blue polish.

I applied two coats of Bam-Blue-Zled from Ulta onto each nail, minus the ring finger, where I instead used two thin coats of Indigo Night from Revlon Colorstay. Once the coats dried completely, I began to apply the water decals onto the lighter blue polish. The application process was extremely easy– I simply cut out the decals that I wanted to use, placed the decal face-down on the nail, and then placed a cotton ball soaked in water over it. After about ten seconds, I removed the cotton ball and the decal to reveal a perfectly placed floral transfer on each nail. I then applied one generous coat of Adrienne from Shimmer Polish onto the accent nail, and finished the manicure by applying a single coat of INM Out The Door top coat to each nail.

photo 1

photo 4 (1)

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (1)

photo 5 (1)

This is one of the rare times that a manicure turns out just as I imagined it would! You can take a look at the other items that the Born Pretty Store offers nail artists on its New Arrivals and Most Popular pages. If it’s your first time shopping, you can use my code FLX31 at checkout for 10% off your order.

I’m excited to officially announce my return to the blog :) I’ve got a lot of fun swatches and nail designs lined up for you, so be on the lookout!


Quickie Post: A Bit Of Stamping

I have quite the to-do list this weekend, so I will leave you with a super quickie post that will most likely leave you thinking, “What in the world is this?”

This is probably the most random mani I have ever put together– just a little bit of triangle stamping over Tudor City Teal from NYC, with an accent using Jasmine from Shimmer Polish.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Cheers to a fabulous weekend– make it a great one! :) xo

Tammy By Shimmer Polish

*Disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided by the manufacturer for review.

Here’s another beautiful Shimmer Polish swatch for you to get googly-eyed over ;) Tammy is filled with flecks of purple, silver, gold and slight hints of pink glitter. I decided to pair this beauty with a dark violet color, two thin coats of Snow Day from Confetti.

photo 2

photo 5

For the accent nail, I used a thin acrylic paintbrush to paint a random (very random) design in white acrylic paint onto the nail. After the paint dried, I used a texture polish, OPI Liquid Sand in Baby Please Come Home, to paint thinner strokes over the white.

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

I love the way this look turned out! Between Tammy and Baby Please Come Home, the manicure was filled with glitter, shimmer and sparkle– my favorite :)

Now, I have to ask: From all the Shimmer Polish swatches you’ve seen so far, which is your favorite?

Pre-Valentine’s Day Mani(s)

Since Valentine’s Day is in just two days, it’s time I show you a couple of designs that I created last week to “practice” before I finalize my real Valentine’s Day manicure ;)

The first design I put together was a super easy-to-do dotticure; if you’re looking for something simple and not too flashy for Friday, I definitely recommend this one! I started off with two thin coats of I Gotta Blush On You from Sephora by OPI. Using a bobby pin as my dotting tool, I used a variety of polishes in various colors ranging from white to a dark fuchsia to create dots toward the cuticle of each nail.

photo 4 (1)

photo 2

photo 1

photo 5 (1)

This next design features Trisha from Shimmer Polish, a beautiful salmon-colored glitter polish with subtle flecks of orange, gold and blue. Using I Gotta Blush On You again as the base, I applied two generous coats of Trisha on top. For the accent nail, I used two thin coats of Red Flare from Orly. After the polish dried completely, I hand-painted a heart using I Gotta Blush On You, then painted on roses using the red polish, using a green polish to paint on subtle leaves.

photo 3 (2)

love the dotticure, and I love the accent nail with the roses. I’m so indecisive on what I want to do for Friday– but I think I have a slight idea of what I’ll end up doing ;)

Marbled Skittlette

On Saturday, I realized that I’ve been getting lazy when it comes to my nail designs– they’ve been, well, not so design-y. Scrolling through my reader and seeing all your beautiful nail art and OMD Challenge posts made me feel guilty for taking the easy way out these past couple of weeks.

So, I decided to step it up a notch and do a marbled skittlette (still nothing crazy fancy, but I’ve got to start somewhere!), using a combination of aqua and coral. For the coral, I used Hazard by Sinful Colors and for the teal, Tudor City Teal by NYC. For the two accent nails, I went with my favorite glitter polish– yep, you guessed it, Tazmanian Devil by Confetti:

photo (4)

photo 1

photo 2

I’ll be more creative next week…promise ;)

Rockstar Glitter

Here’s my second (and final!) “late” post for the week:

I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous dark-base-gold-glitter polish in my Ciate mini mani month collection for a couple of days now, but had to refrain from changing up my nails until I wore off the brightness on my last mani– A always gives me a look of disapproval if I change polishes in less than a week, hahah– but I know that in his head he’s thinking of how much he loves me ;)

Twilight has a luscious black base with just the right amount of yellow-gold glitter, and was the inspiration for my look that I rocked last week:

Accent Nail with Ciate Paint Pot in Twilight

Couldn’t have been more happy with this look– this is one of those manis when every time I looked down, I couldn’t help but admire how perfectly they turned out, and how totally me they were!

Florals & Lace

Oy, I am behind on my postings! Ever since the semester started back up, I can feel myself slowly forgetting to update the little things in my life: my Twitter, this blog, etc. But it’s okay, because remember kids, school comes first ;)

A suggested I try some brighter colors this time around, so I hesitantly picked out the two brightest colors I could find in my Ciate mini mani month collection: Headliner, and Mojito for the accent nail. Of course, plain wasn’t going to do it for me, so I went through my Shany stamping plates, finding a full floral stamp as well as a pretty lace strip.

Ciate Paint Pots in Headliner and Mojito

{Ciate Paint Pots in Headliner and Mojito}

Although it was still a little too bright for my taste, I love the way they turned out with the added stamps. I suppose this is a lesson to myself to try new colors a little more often!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone :) Go Ravens! xo