Updates Galore

Oy, I am slowly heading into the bad blogger zone and need to pull myself out! This post is a combination of long overdue Halloween posts, updates from the weekend and what you can expect from Polished PR this month.

For starters, the lovely Xin Yu from Lacquered By Blue Vanilla asked me to put together a Halloween-themed mani for the blog’s 11 Days of Halloween Guest Post Week. So, I put together a design incorporating ghost eyes, spider webs and candy corn. Since I had put together this guest post in mid-October, I took off the design immediately after submitting in my photos– I didn’t want people thinking that I was super pumped for Halloween ;)

When Halloween week did end up coming around, I refreshed the mani with some fun Shany stamping and a combination of black + orange + purple polishes (Charcoal by Love & Beauty + Mango Madness by e.l.f. + an unnamed metallic purple from LA Colors’ Color Craze Modern Metallics collection):

photo 1 (4)

On Halloween afternoon, I went to the nail salon to get a pedicure and (gasp!) my first manicure to hurriedly prepare for a beach wedding that I’d be attending on Friday. I’m a sucker for pedis– it’s nice to be able to get soft, pampered feet while experiencing a nice mechanical back massage versus getting soft, pampered feet while experiencing back pain associated with doing it yourself. As for that manicure, I was so disappointed. I don’t know what I was expecting– maybe that they’d miraculously provide me with smooth soft hands and perfect cuticles? WRONG. <Begin rant> I spent $13 for a sub-par mani with polish covering some of my cuticles! And if you know my perfectionist ways, my OCD-radar was going off like crazy, and the moment I got home, I whipped out my paintbrush and acetone and cleaned those babies up! Never again will I betray my nail art ways and spend money to have someone else do my nails. <End rant> After the clean-up, the mani looked great– I was so rushed at the salon, though, that I didn’t even think to look at the names of the colors I chose, I do know that they’re both OPI.

photo 2 (4)

And about that beach wedding– GORGEOUS. They couldn’t have picked a more perfect day! High in the mid-80s with a beautiful coastal breeze :)

Anddd you’re finally reaching the end of this post (if I’m even lucky to have kept your attention that long, anyway). What can you expect from me this month? I’m going to be crazy busy with school, the hunt for the perfect full-time career and more, so I’ll have some great autumn-inspired guest posts ready for your viewing throughout the month. But I will be sure to come out of hiding whenever I get the chance and update you every now and then :)

Until next time! xo