It’s official! As of yesterday, I now hold a Bachelor’s degree in mass communications (with a track in public relations, of course!). It’s such an awesome feeling, and it’s even more amazing to be able to say that I successfully reached the goals that I set for myself when I first began pursuing this major.

I wanted to gain industry experience from the get-go, and continue my education by experiencing a variety of positions in the advertising, marketing and public relations industries. Within my four years at USF, I successfully completed six internships, all which contributed greatly to my growth as a student. Another big goal that I set for myself was to grow as a leader. I participated in leadership sessions at my university and learned lessons from personal experiences within the classroom. As my last semester required many group projects in lieu of exams, I found myself in the position of group leader many times, and learned how to manage a group of people and delegate responsibilities. I also learned how to balance “reminding” (not micromanaging), with assuming control when things were still incomplete as a deadline neared. And lastly, I really wanted to be able to secure an offer for a job before graduation came around– I knew that it would be possible if I continued to gain valuable internship and work experience and also accumulate an arsenal of skills to build my resume with. I’m really proud to say that I was able to make all that happen, and I am so ready for this next chapter in my life :)

photo 3

Sephora by OPI’s I Come In Peas | Orly’s Luxe

photo 1

photo 4

photo 2

I start my new job on Monday (yes, tomorrow), but I will be back soon with nail design for the holidays :) Until then! xoxo


Graduation’s Just Around The Corner

As I type this, I’m not so sure whether or not I want to keep it short. I have a lot to say, reflecting on this past year and the things I’ve learned– but I’m thinking I may keep it bottled up just a little bit longer for a post when graduation actually does come and go ;)

Earlier in the month, A and I planned to arrange a graduation photo shoot for me, which we ended up doing this past Sunday. My university’s colors are green and gold, so naturally, I prepared for the shoot by painting my nails a gorgeous green tone from H&M– Lady Luck:

photo 1

Such a rich, metallic color– H&M nail polish is officially up there on my list of new favorite brands :) To incorporate gold, I added simple stamping using Luxe by Orly:

photo 3

photo 2

As for those photos, I’m so impressed with how they came out! A is such a natural with a camera, and I managed to steal a few that looked great unedited:

photo 4

photo 5

I can’t wait to see how the others turn out after some editing! Only three weeks left until graduation (two, if you consider Thanksgiving week)– before, it was something to look forward to in three months. Now? It’s SO REAL :O


I decided to do a career-focused post today, and although I love nail art dearly and enjoy sharing that passion with you, I do want to make the point of writing more PR-related posts to really bring out both the ‘polished’ and the ‘PR’ part of my blog.

For the past four years, I’ve been actively involved in internships related to the marketing and PR industries. These experiences have truly shaped my career path: I’ve learned how to and how not to communicate with co-workers, supervisors, associates and clients (and am still learning more about this aspect of communication each and every day); I know that I do not want to go into crisis communications; I’ve developed a love for social media and doing PR for small businesses (preferably lifestyle brands); I’m adept at completing research, and Google has become my best friend; I know how to craft pitches, press releases and media alerts, and have learned how to compile press kits for clients.

Throughout all these opportunities, I’ve learned how to balance a full-time education with a part-time job and multiple internships. And now that I am entering my final semester before I graduate in December, I realize that there is only one chance left for me to really make myself stand out from the rest in the PR world.

I had this talk with my mentor about how there are still skills that I need to develop, skills that weren’t necessarily provided to me by my past internships because all of them were basically virtual internships. I know that finding a hands-on, in-office internship is the missing piece to the puzzle that awaits me at graduation, and I’m positive that once I gain this experience and the skills that go with it, I can confidently say that I’ll have the tools in my belt to move forward into the professional world.

So, here’s to hoping that I’ll be able to find that perfect fit of an internship for me come this fall semester, because it’s the one last opportunity I’ll have before I become a full-fledged PR gal.

But, of course, it’s not all about wishing and hoping. If I want it, I have to take the steps to go get it. And I will. :)

Speckled Eggs

I’d been thinking all week about what I wanted to do for today’s new design and realized that Easter is already next Sunday! It’s crazy to think how fast this month went by for me– between a wonderful spring break and fabulous news about my plans for the summer, March has been passing by so quickly! A graduates in May, and I’m so excited to cheer him on as he accepts his diploma from the College of Business :) And for me, I’ll be doing the same in December and moving on into the wonderful world of PR.

So, in order to appropriately celebrate a holiday that I loved as a child, running around the house searching for plastic eggs filled with candy and clues to the whereabouts of the special Easter basket, I decided to pair my favorite glitter (Confetti’s Tazmanian Devil) with two great colors to create a resemblance of speckled Easter eggs:

Sinful Colors in Hazard | Spoiled in Toad-ally Amazing

{Sinful Colors in Hazard | Spoiled in Toad-ally Amazing}

LOVE the way this turned out! They definitely remind me of the bubble gum eggs I used to convince my mom to buy for me in those plastic egg carton containers :)

What’s your favorite childhood memory related to Easter?