Granite Nails – Last Photos From ‘@thisjenngirl’!

BIG NEWS! As the blog and Facebook page are growing more than ever, I’ve decided to create a nails-only account on Instagram so that those who enjoy my nail art aren’t bored by snapshots of my personal life, and those that know me best (particularly the men in my life) don’t have to keep seeing nails that they just really aren’t interested in, hehe.

So please, support Polished PR by following my passion for nail polish and PR at @polishedpr on Instagram :)

With that, I leave you with the last manicure photos watermarked with ‘@thisjenngirl‘:

I wanted to do something fun and simple, and saran wrap manis have ‘fun and simple’ written all over them! A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by my local CVS to see if they had any steals on nail polish during their 50%/75% off markdown event that they normally do from time to time. Sure enough, they had Spanish Moss from Revlon Colorstay (my favorite!) with a 75% off sticker on it! For the base, I applied two coats of Spanish Moss and waited until completely dry before putting droplets of Khaki from Love & Beauty by Forever 21 on top and smudging it gently with crumpled up saran wrap.




What I thought would look like your normal marbleized nail design actually ended up looking a lot like granite– and oddly enough, matched the granite countertops that we have in the kitchen– hah!

I’m super excited for Polished PR’s bright future and I just want to take the time to say thank you for being a part of it <3 You’re one the reasons why this blog has become what it is, I couldn’t be more grateful.

Until next time! xo