Guest Post: The Lifespan Of Makeup

The Lifespan of Makeup Title-01

It seems like every beauty article I’ve read lately is telling me when I need to dispose of my makeup. The problem for me, as with a lot of bloggers, is that we have a lot of makeup and some of it only makes it out of storage for the most special of special occasions. So, I thought it might be useful to explain what the makeup expiration time limits these articles give us are based on, the risks you run by using your products past these dates, and how can you extend the life of your products.

The first risk is of bacterial contamination. Bacteria loves to grow in warm, moist environments, so the biggest risks are in moist products (gels, liquids, tints or creams) that we use on moist areas (eyes and lips). The big offenders here are mascara, liquid eyeliner pens, lipsticks and lip glosses. Next up, are facial products, especially any that are touched repeatedly with fingers or swiped on the face. To minimise the risks and extend life on these products, here are a few easy tips: 

  • Make sure and store these in a non-warm/non-moist environment (Keep these stored out of the shower area!);
  • Keep the lid on tightly when not in use to minimise airborne contaminants;
  • Try to not touch the applicators, but drip the products onto an applicator that you can clean separately (like a brush);
  • For products like gel eyeliners, use an applicator that can be cleaned and sterilised;
  • For very rarely used items, you can sterilise them with rubbing alcohol after each use to minimise germs;
  • Wash your hands before using any products where you have to touch the container.

The second risk is that the active ingredients can lose effectiveness or the formula can become less stable. This why you get suggestions like throwing out nail polish after a year (as if!). Powder-based pigments fall into this category, as do lotions, blush, brow pencils, fragrances and so on. It’s worth noting here that sunscreens (SPF) are particularly prone to expire so make sure to double up and not rely on the SPF given on an old product. This is one of the most common triggers of an expiry/PAO (period-after-opening). The risks associated can range from the product becoming less vibrant, the product separating or the product simply changing texture or fragrance; but if the active ingredients have changed, you may be more prone to skin irritation in some cases.  To minimise the risks and extend life on these products here are a few easy tips:

  • Keep out of direct sunlight as this will encourage degradation;
  • Keep the lid on tightly when not in use to minimise the product drying out or losing texture;
  • Temperature control will help these products maintain stability (Again, not stored in the shower area!);
  • If you suddenly discover old eyeshadow or blush that you want to start using again, try testing the product on the back of your hand to test whether the product will irritate your skin, before swiping it across the face and potentially having a very bad reaction.

Essentially, most products are designed to last as long as it would reasonably take you to use them up and are tested presuming the worst about how you will store your makeup. With care, you can extend the life even further that suggested with really very little risk to your health.


About the Contributor


Rebecca is an Australian beauty blogger with a passion for data organizing! She has an extensive makeup collection (mainly nail polish), with a personal blog at She has 3 kids and 3 cats and keeps very busy on both fronts. She enjoys puns and silly jokes, and is always aiming to be more organized around the house, but is never as successful as she planned. She has a makeup organizing app on Apple and Android available via


Guest Post: Extreme Makeover: Business Cards Edition

Hopefully, everyone knows the importance of having a business card by now, but if you don’t, I need you to come out from under the rock you’re living in. Whether you’re employed or unemployed, business cards help promote your personal and professional brand. Let’s face it, we all want to move up that grand corporate ladder, and business cards, along with a few other things, can help you get there.

Unlike a resume, business cards are used just for your contact information. As far as the basics, you should include your name, phone number and e-mail. Depending on your employment status, the information mentioned before would be work related in addition to your company name, your title and work address. Although this probably goes without saying, add your top two or three most active social media accounts to your card as well.

Listing your online portfolio would be another great addition to your business card also. If you haven’t already, I suggest that you create an profile or use sites like Weebly or Wix so people can view your work.

Not only is the information you provide on your cards important, but the design element is also important. Here are a few tips to help your business card stand out from the rest.

Use Vibrant Colors – What is more eye catching than seeing spots of color on something? You could have the color incorporated into your logo, or have your name in a different color or font from the other text. Be aware that too many colors or fonts can look too busy. As long as you stick to 1 or 2 different colors and fonts you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Be Different – The majority of business cards that I’ve seen are horizontal cards. Just to be different, why not order vertical cards? I mean, who said that business cards should only be printed one way?

Choose Your Corners Wisely –  Is anyone else shocked that the corners of a business card can be printed in another form besides square? Well, rounded corners are actually kind of popular and they look really nice on cards. Square corners, Imma let you finish, but rounded corners are the best corners of all time.

Add Visual Elements – I’ve read that if your photo is on your business card, it’s easier for the person to remember you the next time they see you. Which means all the time and money you spent into printing these beauties won’t be in vain. Adding logos, graphics or even adding your own work to your card makes them unique.

If you’re really feeling fancy, go on and create a nontraditional business card like the one pictured below. I know I’d definitely remember the person who gave me that card.

Photo Credit: Vandelaydesign

Photo Credit: Vandelaydesign

In case you’re design-challenged, Pinterest is a great place to draw inspiration from! Of course, you could always look at the templates provided by most places that specialize in printing business cards. With sites like,,, Office Depot and Staples all offering cards for reasonable prices, there is no excuse for not having business cards.

Bonus Tip: Carry a few business cards with you everywhere you go. You never know who you’ll meet in line at Publix or even in the airport waiting for a flight. Remember that you’ll never have to get ready, if you stay ready!

About the Contributor:


Brea Allen is a graduate of the University of South Florida where she obtained a degree in mass communications with a concentration in public relations. She is a self-proclaimed music and pop culture enthusiast and loves all things Beyonce and positivity. When she’s not on the post-grad job hunt, she’s blogging at or tweeting at @breajallen.

Guest Post: Choosing Your Major

Hello friends of Jenn! My name is Rachael and I am from The Overwhelmed Undergrad. As my blog implies, I am an undergraduate student who is way too busy doing anything and everything I can get myself into. I am a junior biology major with a minor in equine studies. I have four jobs on my college campus, I am involved in various clubs, and I ride for my college’s IHSA Equestrian Team. I started my blog to write about the random musings of an overwhelmed undergraduate student. Today I want to share with you my experience with choosing a major, something that seems to be more difficult than it should be.


Ever since I can remember, I wanted to become a veterinarian when I grew up. Animals are my passion, my whole world, so why wouldn’t I want to help them for the rest of my life? Entering college, I knew that there was no other option for me other than majoring in pre-veterinary science to prepare myself for veterinary school. I made my way to my new college home, 250 miles away from my hometown, ready to make my dreams come true. A year and a half later, at 19 years old, I realized that I had absolutely NO IDEA what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. *Cue in immense amounts of panic*


After way too much deliberation, crying to my friends and family, and having many conversations with my professors, I changed my major to biology. I saw the little light bulb shining above my head: I was not obligated to do what I always thought I was going to do. Do I still love animals more than anything? Yes. Do I still want to help them? Yes. Do I still want to enjoy my career? Yes. Do I NEED to go to veterinary school to do this? No.

College is about finding yourself. Yes, this is probably the most common cliché you are going to hear before, during, and after your college years, but it is probably also the most important. It is okay to explore the opportunities that the world has to offer. If the opportunities presented to you seem more appealing than what you thought about in the past, then go for something different! The only person that you have to please is yourself. If you do not major in something you enjoy to enter a career that you will enjoy, the only thing you are going to be is miserable.

What are a few “simple” pieces of advice that I can give to an incoming or new college student about choosing their major?

  1. Choose a major, take classes and electives you enjoy, but always keep an open mind.
  2. Get involved on campus and throughout the community. You may love doing something that you never would have expected.
  3. Learn everything you possibly can. I don’t care how boring that stupid short story is for your Intro to Literature class… Read it, dissect it, find a different viewpoint, and learn.
  4. Attend lectures hosted by your school, even if extra credit isn’t being offered.
  5. After all of that, change your major if you want to. Change it 5 times. It is okay to be indecisive. (But remember to make sure it won’t affect your graduation date…)
  6. Most importantly, make new friends and have fun. College will fly by without you noticing, but it is such an amazing experience.

Thank you for letting me visit! I hope you all enjoyed.


About the Contributor:


Rachael is in her junior year at a small private college in Massachusetts, majoring in biology with a minor in equine studies. She believes that animals are better than people and leading a boring life is completely unacceptable. Her blog, The Overwhelmed Undergrad, is a place in the universe where she shares stories from her anything but calm life.


Guest Post: Just For Me Mani (Plus, An Interview Tip!)

Hi everyone!! My name is Jacqui and I run a U.S. nail art blog called  I’m very happy to guest post for Polished PR today!  After all, I’ve been reading Jenn’s blog since, well, since we both started blogging!  I love that Jenn throws in little tips on career building.  I moonlight as a nail blogger, but I work as an advisor at a university for my day job.  So education and career planning is in the forefront of my mind as well.  If you read through to the end of my post I will have a bonus job interviewing tip for you!  But let’s see my nails first…

As a blogger, I often find myself doing my nails specifically for a nail art challenge, or to review a new product I received. But what’s different about this manicure is that I did it JUST FOR ME! It’s not often enough that I get to do a manicure just because I feel like it! I used two polishes that have been calling to me saying, “Jacqui, you love me, why don’t you wear me?  You keep thinking about me, but I’m still sitting here on this shelf!” Those two talking polishes are Zoya Zuza (my base color) and Sinful Colors Lush Life (glitter topper).

Being this glitter-tastic didn’t come easy though! You won’t believe how many coats of polish I’m wearing here. I applied one coat of Essence peel-off base coat, two coats of Zoya Zuza to give me a nice teal base color, 5 coats of my Sinful Colors teal glitter, and one coat of Seche Vite topcoat.  That is a total of 9 coats!  I didn’t expect needing that many, but I wanted it to be super glittery and my Lush Life glitter was more sparse than I expected.  Oh well.  No one said being beautiful was easy!




Now for my job interviewing tip!  I interview students from time to time when my office needs a new student worker or intern.  I have also been on the other side, as an interviewee, since I have had many career changes since I graduated from college.  I’ve landed some jobs that I had no experience in at all.  I’d like to think that a lot of my success hinged on my interviewing skills.  Specifically, my enthusiasm and honesty.  What do I mean by that?  If I’m interviewing for a job and I’m really psyched about it, I make sure to tell the interviewer!  You should come right out and tell them exactly why you think you are perfect for the job and that you’re really excited about the opportunity.  Be honest with them.  If you’re thinking it’s a perfect fit for you, then tell them that!  If they don’t ask you questions that allow you to express this stuff, then make sure to bring it up before you leave the interview.

When I’m saying my goodbyes I like to stand up, shake their hand nice and firm and tell them how excited I am because of x, y and z. Look them straight in the eyes and be honest and enthusiastic.  You want to end the interview with a bang so you stand out from the bunch.  Why would they want to hire someone who just comes in, sits down and answers their questions like a drone when they could hire YOU!

I must admit, I always get so nervous before I interview!  I can’t tell you how to handle that, since I haven’t found a solution for that yet.  LOL!  But none the less, I hope my little interviewing tip is helpful for you.  Thanks to Jenn for having me!  And if you want to see more of my Craftynail style, find me online!  Here’s where I’ll be hanging out– facebookpinteresttwittertumblr, and bloglovin. 


 About the Contributor:


Jacqui lives in the Hudson Valley of New York State, where she works at a university as a financial aid counselor. When the daily grind of student loans comes to an end, she can be found hibernating at home while whipping up some cool craftiness. The main focus of her blog, Craftynail, is on nail care, nail polish and cute nail designs.

Guest Post: Shaping Your Career Path With A Blog

Everything starts with an idea. For me, though, it started with a fear. The idea of people reading my writing has always been horrifying to me. I would cover my paper when teachers walked by, shoo my sister away if she saw me scribbling, and then later on, I just decided not to write anymore.  The fear of someone else reading and then possibly critiquing my writing was enough to stifle my passion for a long time.

I am, now a public relations major at Penn State, and after being undecided my first two years (more like, undecided most of my life), I could not be happier with my decision. I love PR because I have a passion for people. I want to be the bridge between person and company, and public relations is the perfect way to do that.

Public relations isn’t all glam and gold though. I have to write, and people have to read it. My writing professor this semester gave me great advice, and that was to write everyday. Simple enough, right? I wanted to take this a step further. It’s one thing to write everyday, but I saw this as an opportunity to rekindle an old flame. After not writing for so long, I wanted to do something worthwhile with it.  So naturally, I started a blog.

I have only been blogging for a couple of months. After I published my first post, I was excited, horrified and proud. Nothing is more permanent then the Internet, and now I had about 300 of my own words, published for the whole world to see. I wanted to keep going. The fear I had of people reading my writing and critiquing and judging was slowly starting to disappear.

After only a couple months of blogging, I was accepted to be a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network. But, what’s even more exciting to me, is that I’ve told my friends and my family about my blog. I was afraid of judgment, but all I am getting is love and support.

I cannot wait for my blog to grow into something truly amazing and wonderful. I am excited for upcoming projects and my future as a blogger. I am grateful for my new followers and my exponentially growing views that I receive everyday. But I don’t think anything will ever compare to seeing someone I love and them telling me, “Hey, I read your blog today.”


About the Contributor:


Briannah is currently a sophomore studying public relations at Penn State University. She recently discovered her passion for blogging and loves to write about the obstacles she faces in college and how she is over coming them. Her blog, Briannah., is a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blog where she gives her readers the inside scoop on fashion trends and beauty product reviews, as well as allows them to see her mistakes and triumphs as a college student.

Autumn-Inspired Guest Post: The Polish Influenza

Happy Monday! Here’s your final installment my guest posts for the month of November, brought to you by the lovely Beth from The Polish Influenza. Her designs and swatches never cease to be colorful, and I just love reading her posts over coffee. AND, congrats to Beth on her recent change from a domain to one of her very own! :)


Hi there!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Beth, and I’m the author and creative mind behind the blog The Polish Influenza! I’m so thrilled to be able to write for Jenn here at Polished PR. It’s one of my favorite nail blogs and I’m so honored to contribute!

When I asked Jenn what she wanted me to write about for my post, she simply told me “autumn themed”. And how appropriate, given that the leaves have JUST started falling in my home state (we’re having a SUPER late fall this year since it’s been so warm). I immediately wanted to do a nail art design that incorporated the colors I associate with falling leaves: oranges, browns, greens, yellows, reds, and even corals. But I didn’t actually want to paint leaves because I’ve tried that before with disastrous consequences (trust me on that), so I decided to take a more abstract route.

I opted for the cellophane nail art technique, which basically involves using plastic wrap to blot polish on your nails into a blended, watercolor-esque effect. To create the look, I started with two coats of white nail polish (I used Ulta’s Snow White). As you can see in my pictures, the white does not have to be perfect, just opaque.


Once the white is COMPLETELY dry (as in more than just dry to the touch- I’d recommend 30-40 minutes of dry time), take your desired fall colors. I used the ones shown below.

blah blah blah
From left to right: China Glaze Fast Track, Ulta Mango, Love and Beauty Yellow, Love and Beauty Lobster Bisque, Wet n’ Wild Fastdry, Fresh Paints Dragon Lady, Sephora by OPI Sample Sale

I put small blobs of color on my nails using the brushes in the polish bottles. To speed up the process of “blobbing”, have all the bottles of polish open before you start. It prevents the blobs from drying too quickly. Don’t worry if there’s white showing at this point, it wont matter later. The placement of the colors is completely up to you: do what you like! I placed mine like this.


Immediately after the polish is placed, take a crumpled piece of saran wrap and blot the nail until you’re satisfied with the look. I recommend you do one nail at a time to prevent polish from thickening or drying prematurely on the nail. Also, polish WILL get on you cuticles, but you can remove it later with a q-tip. Here’s the finished look!

Artificial, indoor light
Artificial, indoor light

These nails would be absolutely gorgeous on their own, but I decided to take the design one step further. I used striping tape to create random linear designs across my nails. For those of you unfamiliar with striping tape, it’s just really really thin tape used to make patterns on the nails. I’ll include a picture below.


I opted to create a different design on each nail. Once the tape was in place, I painted over it with Rue Beauté’s 063, a rich, coffee brown, and immediately pulled off the tape to create this super fun autumn inspired striped look!

Artificial, indoor light
Artificial, indoor light
Artificial, indoor light
Artificial, indoor light

So there you have it, a super fun, simple fall inspired manicure to rock at school, a party, or any occasion you like! Ignoring the drying time, this design only took me about 20-30 minutes from start to finish. What do you think of the design? Let Jenn and I know in the comments!

Once again, I want to offer my sincerest thanks to Jenn for this amazing guest blog opportunity. Thanks for checking out my post, and be sure to visit me at The Polish Influenza!


You are so welcome, Beth! It was a pleasure hosting your beautiful autumn-themed post on my blog :) What a creative way to incorporate autumn colors with striping tape and a unique textured design!

Autumn-Inspired Guest Post: Elektra King

Happy Monday to YOU! Here’s your third guest post of the month, brought to you by Elektra from the self-titled blog, Elektra King. So, you know that moment when you meet someone, and you just fall in love with him/her? That’s basically how I felt when I first started following Elektra’s blog, as well as her Instagram. I’ll keep this short because I could go on and on, but not only does she cater her blog to her fellow German nail-lovers, she translates into English for American followers like me! Her nail shape? Perfect. Her nail length? Perfect. Her nail designs? Okay, you get it. I’ll let her take it away with her “falling leaves” design:


Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be here today to show you my autumn-inspired manicure creation. I want to say a big thank you to Jenn for having me here today and giving me the opportunity to show you my design on her beautiful blog!

I started out with 1 coat of OPI Glints of Glinda, a nude jelly. Then I sponged the olive green shimmer polish China Glaze Agro onto half of my nails towards the tips. I am totally addicted to the coppery brown glitter polish Crunchy Leaves by Girly bits! It’s Fall in a bottle for me! So I just had to include it in this manicure :-) With the polish brush I dabbed the fine glitter of Crunchy Leaves on the nail tips and sparsely spread it downwards for a better gradient effect. I continued with 1 coat of Essie As Gold As It Gets, a clear top coat with gold flakies, followed by 1 coat of the glitter polish OPI The Living Daylights and finally I added another coat of Essie As Gold As It Gets! Done! :-)

3 Guest Post ElektraKing

1 Guest Post ElektraKing

2 Guest Post ElektraKing

4 Guest Post ElektraKing

I hope you guys like my design! Thanks so much for looking! And again thanks to you, Jenn! :-)

Love, Elektra


I long for the day when I can produce photos of my nails like hers. Thank you so much for contributing, Elektra! Your design is so reminiscent of fall, I may just have to do a re-creation of it if I get the chance :)

Autumn-Inspired Guest Post: Nailmattic

Here’s your second guest post of the month, brought to you by the lovely Andra of NailmatticHer designs never cease to be creative, and I love visiting her blog to check out the latest of manis!


I’ve been following Polished PR’s blog for some time now via just a random Google search for polish blogs on WordPress. I’m so glad to have been paying attention to my reader feed when I saw she asked for guest posts ….STOP THE PRESS!! 
I found the theme for the mani right on time and in my favor because I happen to love the fall season (I’m a colder weather kind of girl). Any excuse to break out a sweater and some high-heeled boots, I’m game!
So for this mani I wanted a smooth finish for the base color of the chosen nails, I knew I’d be using a textured polish for this mani. The cream taupe polish I used is Bettina’s “Lyrical” polish which is a smooth, creamy polish. For my index and middle finger, I used China Glaze’s “Toe-tally textured” polish–2 coats. I affiliate these colors with fall because of its traditional thanksgiving colors.
photo 4
photo 3
photo 2
photo 1
photo 5
I hope you’ve enjoyed my post and I implore you to stay tuned for more exciting guest posts.
How perfect! The shade and texture of the orange polish, paired with the fall leaves design just makes me want to jump into a pile of autumn leaves (something that I wish I could partake in here in Florida). Thank you for contributing, Andra! :)

Autumn-Inspired Guest Post: buy ALL the colors!

Happy November! This is the first of a few guest posts that Polished PR will be hosting this month in celebration of the beautiful fall weather we’ve been experiencing over here in Florida, it’s about time! Kitsu from buy ALL the colors! is one of my favorite bloggers/followers– her comments on my posts always leave a smile on my face, and her posts are so entertaining :) I’ll let her take it from here:


Hey guys! If you don’t know me, I’m Kitsu from buy ALL the colors! and I’m so excited to be guest posting here today! When Jenn asked for fall themed posts, all I could think of was my favorite thing about fall– sweaters! While it may have just started to get cool down south, it’s been chilly where I live for weeks already, and there’s just something cozy about snuggling into a warm sweater to get ready to face the cold outdoors.


I started with two coats of Urban Outfitters Dunks for a white base. Then I added zigzags with my favorite off-white polish, Urban Outfitters Virgin, to get that knitted texture.


And then I tried to recreate that yarn feeling by drawing on some different cable knit patterns with a white textured polish– I used Sally Hansen Sugar Fix. It did take two layers to get the amount of texture that I wanted, and the cable pattern on my middle finger blobbed together a bit on the second coat. And of course, I wasn’t thinking about how difficult it would be to photograph a white texture on a white background when I started this design. It does show up better in real life!


Here’s a better photo to see the texture. Just be careful to not wear a textured polish that’s too snaggy with your sweaters! Despite the bit of blobbage, I’m really happy with how these turned out, and I’d love to know what you all think of this. And thanks so much to Jenn for hosting this mani!


Thank you so much for this post, Kitsu! The moment I saw the final look, it reminded me so much of the 100+ pull-over sweaters I have hidden away in my closet that I’m almost never able to utilize all of because of the warm weather here. So cool-looking, and super creative!

Guest Bloggers Needed!

I’m in need of guest bloggers for November, as it is going to be a hectic month for me! Since we are finally experiencing fall weather (as of today!) here in Florida, I want to celebrate the fall season! :D

If you are interested in submitting an autumn-inspired guest post for Polished PR, send me an email at, or feel free to comment below. I really look forward to working with you! xo