Guest Post: Just For Me Mani (Plus, An Interview Tip!)

Hi everyone!! My name is Jacqui and I run a U.S. nail art blog called  I’m very happy to guest post for Polished PR today!  After all, I’ve been reading Jenn’s blog since, well, since we both started blogging!  I love that Jenn throws in little tips on career building.  I moonlight as a nail blogger, but I work as an advisor at a university for my day job.  So education and career planning is in the forefront of my mind as well.  If you read through to the end of my post I will have a bonus job interviewing tip for you!  But let’s see my nails first…

As a blogger, I often find myself doing my nails specifically for a nail art challenge, or to review a new product I received. But what’s different about this manicure is that I did it JUST FOR ME! It’s not often enough that I get to do a manicure just because I feel like it! I used two polishes that have been calling to me saying, “Jacqui, you love me, why don’t you wear me?  You keep thinking about me, but I’m still sitting here on this shelf!” Those two talking polishes are Zoya Zuza (my base color) and Sinful Colors Lush Life (glitter topper).

Being this glitter-tastic didn’t come easy though! You won’t believe how many coats of polish I’m wearing here. I applied one coat of Essence peel-off base coat, two coats of Zoya Zuza to give me a nice teal base color, 5 coats of my Sinful Colors teal glitter, and one coat of Seche Vite topcoat.  That is a total of 9 coats!  I didn’t expect needing that many, but I wanted it to be super glittery and my Lush Life glitter was more sparse than I expected.  Oh well.  No one said being beautiful was easy!




Now for my job interviewing tip!  I interview students from time to time when my office needs a new student worker or intern.  I have also been on the other side, as an interviewee, since I have had many career changes since I graduated from college.  I’ve landed some jobs that I had no experience in at all.  I’d like to think that a lot of my success hinged on my interviewing skills.  Specifically, my enthusiasm and honesty.  What do I mean by that?  If I’m interviewing for a job and I’m really psyched about it, I make sure to tell the interviewer!  You should come right out and tell them exactly why you think you are perfect for the job and that you’re really excited about the opportunity.  Be honest with them.  If you’re thinking it’s a perfect fit for you, then tell them that!  If they don’t ask you questions that allow you to express this stuff, then make sure to bring it up before you leave the interview.

When I’m saying my goodbyes I like to stand up, shake their hand nice and firm and tell them how excited I am because of x, y and z. Look them straight in the eyes and be honest and enthusiastic.  You want to end the interview with a bang so you stand out from the bunch.  Why would they want to hire someone who just comes in, sits down and answers their questions like a drone when they could hire YOU!

I must admit, I always get so nervous before I interview!  I can’t tell you how to handle that, since I haven’t found a solution for that yet.  LOL!  But none the less, I hope my little interviewing tip is helpful for you.  Thanks to Jenn for having me!  And if you want to see more of my Craftynail style, find me online!  Here’s where I’ll be hanging out– facebookpinteresttwittertumblr, and bloglovin. 


 About the Contributor:


Jacqui lives in the Hudson Valley of New York State, where she works at a university as a financial aid counselor. When the daily grind of student loans comes to an end, she can be found hibernating at home while whipping up some cool craftiness. The main focus of her blog, Craftynail, is on nail care, nail polish and cute nail designs.


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It’s Finally Time To Celebrate! {Picture-Heavy + Updates}

This is going to be a lengthy post– just a warning! I have three swatches/designs for you, along with some updates that I can finally share now that the semester is finally over :)

So let’s backtrack to November really quickly– I was actually able to do a simple Movember design this year, and I love the way that it turned out! I used Private Viewing from Wet ‘n Wild’s Megalast collection, utilizing a bobby pin and black polish (Manhunter by H&M) to paint mustaches on the accent nails. Very subtle, and very me:

photo 1

photo 2

Last week, I put together a green-themed nail design for the purpose of supporting two projects that I was working on for my last two classes of the public relations track. For my Advanced PR course, my group was assigned to create a public relations campaign for a local, environmentally-friendly charter school. Aligning with that very theme, our PR Design course also tasked us with creating a public relations + design campaign for an also-local company that provides free recycling services to the community. These projects were a great opportunity for us to build on our PR skills and for us to build our portfolios as well.

For the base coat, I used Mojito by Ciate, a yummy, lime-green color. I also chose to incorporate some stamping (using Last Chance by Sinful Colors) that very much reminded me of nature, and the “green-feeling” that we were trying to convey in our projects:

photo 1 (1)

photo 3

photo 4

As far as those projects went, I personally think all the groups did a fantastic job with their presentations in both classes. It’s so awesome to be able to see that my peers are just as ready to enter the professional world like I am :) Thursday marked our last day of classes, and I couldn’t be more excited!

After four years of gaining internship experience to build my resume upon, two months of interviewing for various positions in the communications industries, and two weeks of pondering offers and trying to decide where I want to go post-graduation, I’m so happy to say that I’ve finally accepted an offer, from a seriously badass (ask the bossman for yourself!) creative advertising agency here in Tampa for a social media strategist position. I couldn’t be happier. The position’s responsibilities align with exactly what I’ve been wanting in a full-time career. And the company culture? Don’t even get me started. They encourage creativity in all aspects imaginable and function more as a collaborative family than a tier of professionals ranging from executive to director to associate to entry-level.  I am SO STOKED to be a part of this family and am so extremely grateful for my support system who’ve kept me sane as well as the experiences that have allowed me to grow to my fullest potential.

And finally, we’re coming to an end here. As I didn’t want to do my graduation nails immediately since graduation is still a week away, I opted to go black yesterday, since I realized that I haven’t worn black nail polish by itself in forever. This is two coats of Manhunter by H&M (looove!) topped with a single coat of Revlon Colorstay top coat + a single coat of Seche Vite:

photo 2 (1)

That’s it for now! My next update will most likely come sometime next week, as graduation is this next weekend and I start my new job immediately after. Until then, xo <3

Graduation’s Just Around The Corner

As I type this, I’m not so sure whether or not I want to keep it short. I have a lot to say, reflecting on this past year and the things I’ve learned– but I’m thinking I may keep it bottled up just a little bit longer for a post when graduation actually does come and go ;)

Earlier in the month, A and I planned to arrange a graduation photo shoot for me, which we ended up doing this past Sunday. My university’s colors are green and gold, so naturally, I prepared for the shoot by painting my nails a gorgeous green tone from H&M– Lady Luck:

photo 1

Such a rich, metallic color– H&M nail polish is officially up there on my list of new favorite brands :) To incorporate gold, I added simple stamping using Luxe by Orly:

photo 3

photo 2

As for those photos, I’m so impressed with how they came out! A is such a natural with a camera, and I managed to steal a few that looked great unedited:

photo 4

photo 5

I can’t wait to see how the others turn out after some editing! Only three weeks left until graduation (two, if you consider Thanksgiving week)– before, it was something to look forward to in three months. Now? It’s SO REAL :O

Midnight Passion by H&M

Last weekend, after my sister’s baby shower, we went to the mall for a quick shopping trip and I insisted on going to H&M to utilize a $6 gift card to Wrapp that was about to expire. After searching through racks and racks of clothing and not feeling very inspired by the selection, I headed straight to the nail art section. Initially, I was going to get a box of cute panda and owl nail stickers, but saw that their nail polish was on sale for buy two, get one free. Normally $4.95 a bottle, I walked out of the store with three bottles, only having to pay $4 total.

This swatch is of Midnight Passion, a beautiful vamp-y red shade that I’ve never had the opportunity of owning before. The color actually brings me back to tenth grade, when a classmate walked into my AP World History class wearing the most beautiful dark red nail color by Chanel. Looking back, I remember being envious– she was so fashionable and always up-to-date with the latest trends. So now, every time I look down at this beautiful color, I feel pretty proud wearing it…is that weird? Hahah ;)

I’ve never tried using nail color from H&M before, but if this particular shade is indicative of how the other two will apply, I’m hooked! Such smooth application, and only two easy coats needed!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


After this great experience, I’m super excited to swatch the other two! Stayed tuned for this weekend’s November guest post, as well as next week for my next swatch. Have a fabulous weekend! xo

Nails For A Baby Shower!

This weekend, I was a little blue– but not in a bad way ;) My oldest sister is expecting her first baby (it’s a boy!) in December, and we threw her a surprise baby shower on Sunday. To celebrate, I painted each of my nails a different tone of blue, ombre-style.

photo 1

I wanted to do a look that was simple, so I wasn’t planning on it ending up crazy-fabulous or anything, but I think it turned out stunning! I don’t know if it was the fact that the colors captured the light really well, but whatever the reason was, I’m so happy with the way they turned out :)

I was in charge of creating the do-it-yourself aspects of the shower, and I wanted to share them with you because I was pretty proud of the way they turned out:

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

Until my next update or guest post! xo

Updates Galore

Oy, I am slowly heading into the bad blogger zone and need to pull myself out! This post is a combination of long overdue Halloween posts, updates from the weekend and what you can expect from Polished PR this month.

For starters, the lovely Xin Yu from Lacquered By Blue Vanilla asked me to put together a Halloween-themed mani for the blog’s 11 Days of Halloween Guest Post Week. So, I put together a design incorporating ghost eyes, spider webs and candy corn. Since I had put together this guest post in mid-October, I took off the design immediately after submitting in my photos– I didn’t want people thinking that I was super pumped for Halloween ;)

When Halloween week did end up coming around, I refreshed the mani with some fun Shany stamping and a combination of black + orange + purple polishes (Charcoal by Love & Beauty + Mango Madness by e.l.f. + an unnamed metallic purple from LA Colors’ Color Craze Modern Metallics collection):

photo 1 (4)

On Halloween afternoon, I went to the nail salon to get a pedicure and (gasp!) my first manicure to hurriedly prepare for a beach wedding that I’d be attending on Friday. I’m a sucker for pedis– it’s nice to be able to get soft, pampered feet while experiencing a nice mechanical back massage versus getting soft, pampered feet while experiencing back pain associated with doing it yourself. As for that manicure, I was so disappointed. I don’t know what I was expecting– maybe that they’d miraculously provide me with smooth soft hands and perfect cuticles? WRONG. <Begin rant> I spent $13 for a sub-par mani with polish covering some of my cuticles! And if you know my perfectionist ways, my OCD-radar was going off like crazy, and the moment I got home, I whipped out my paintbrush and acetone and cleaned those babies up! Never again will I betray my nail art ways and spend money to have someone else do my nails. <End rant> After the clean-up, the mani looked great– I was so rushed at the salon, though, that I didn’t even think to look at the names of the colors I chose, I do know that they’re both OPI.

photo 2 (4)

And about that beach wedding– GORGEOUS. They couldn’t have picked a more perfect day! High in the mid-80s with a beautiful coastal breeze :)

Anddd you’re finally reaching the end of this post (if I’m even lucky to have kept your attention that long, anyway). What can you expect from me this month? I’m going to be crazy busy with school, the hunt for the perfect full-time career and more, so I’ll have some great autumn-inspired guest posts ready for your viewing throughout the month. But I will be sure to come out of hiding whenever I get the chance and update you every now and then :)

Until next time! xo

Quickie Post: Enrapture By Revlon Brilliant Strength

This post is a little overdue– I apologize! I’m starting to develop a preference for swatching polishes over doing nail art…I think I’m a little wiped out in the creativity department right now. So after next week’s Halloween nail design post, I’ll be choosing some pretty colors to swatch and show you :)

This past week, I was in a pink/purple kind of mood, so I settled for Enrapture, a beautiful metallic, light wine color from Revlon’s Brilliant Strength line.

photo 2 (3)

photo 1 (3)

I adore this color, and have become such a huge fan of Revlon polishes. I’ve always sworn by Revlon Colorstay polishes and was hesitant at first about the Brilliant Strength line because I didn’t want to be disappointed. Not disappointed at all! :D

Quickie Post: A Little Fall Embellishment

I recreated last week’s manicure with a subtle hint of burgundy, fall color– Florida is just now starting to experience somewhat fall-like weather, with lows in the upper 60s, but still with highs in the upper 80s :( As I was putting together my outfit for Monday the evening before, I thought, “Forget this weather– I don’t care if it’s fall or not, I’m going to wear my fall-colored accessories!” So I brought out my Guess burgundy suede heels and added a little color to my gray-and-white mani.

photo 1

photo 2

It’s a super simple mani, but I am loving the pop of color :)