Floral Decals From Born Pretty

*Disclosure: One of the products featured in this post was provided by the manufacturer for review.

During the time that Alice, from the Born Pretty Store, reached out to me in regards to writing up a product review, another item that caught my eye was this set of flower-patterned water decals. They looked perfect for springtime and I thought they’d pair nicely with a soft blue polish.

I applied two coats of Bam-Blue-Zled from Ulta onto each nail, minus the ring finger, where I instead used two thin coats of Indigo Night from Revlon Colorstay. Once the coats dried completely, I began to apply the water decals onto the lighter blue polish. The application process was extremely easy– I simply cut out the decals that I wanted to use, placed the decal face-down on the nail, and then placed a cotton ball soaked in water over it. After about ten seconds, I removed the cotton ball and the decal to reveal a perfectly placed floral transfer on each nail. I then applied one generous coat of Adrienne from Shimmer Polish onto the accent nail, and finished the manicure by applying a single coat of INM Out The Door top coat to each nail.

photo 1

photo 4 (1)

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (1)

photo 5 (1)

This is one of the rare times that a manicure turns out just as I imagined it would! You can take a look at the other items that the Born Pretty Store offers nail artists on its New Arrivals and Most Popular pages. If it’s your first time shopping, you can use my code FLX31 at checkout for 10% off your order.

I’m excited to officially announce my return to the blog :) I’ve got a lot of fun swatches and nail designs lined up for you, so be on the lookout!


Feeling French

*Disclosure: One of the products featured in this post was provided by the manufacturer for review.

Alice, from the Born Pretty Store, reached out to me a couple of weeks ago requesting reviews of a couple of the website’s products. One of the items that caught my eye was a set of ‘Nostalgic Eiffel Tower’ nail art decals— I thought the decals would make for the perfect accent nails.

It was definitely one of my better ideas! I chose my ring finger and thumb to use as the accent nails and applied two coats of Simply Sizzling from Rimmel London’s Salon Pro line on the other three nails. After the polish dried completely, I chose the decal sizes that best fit my thumb and ring finger– both sizes fit perfectly, so there was no trimming needed. The application process was super simple– I applied the decal to the bottom of the nail first, then smoothed it out toward the tip of the nail. Then, I pulled the decal gently over the tip of the nail and quickly filed off the excess. I sealed in the manicure with two coats of INM Out The Door top coat.

photo 1


photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

love how this mani turned out! I’m so excited to use the leftover decals for future uses– I’d love to pair them with an espresso brown polish :) You can take a look at what else the Born Pretty Store offers nail artists on its new arrivals and most popular pages. If it’s your first time shopping, you can use my code FLX31 at checkout for 10% off your order.

I’ll be on hiatus for a bit, checking in here and there, but will have guest bloggers freshening up the content with beauty, fashion and career tips for your reading pleasure!


Polished PR’s 2k Giveaway!

I am so excited to announce the blog’s latest milestone– reaching 2,000 fans on Facebook! I’m in awe of where Polished PR has come, especially on Facebook, since I created the page last April. The public relations and social media person in me is super proud, mostly because this was all done organically, meaning no Facebook ads contributed to the growth in fan base.

To celebrate Polished PR reaching 2,000 fans on Facebook, I’m hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway! The winner will receive the following items:


  • A (1) bottle of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat,
  • Four (4) mini bottles of Sheer Tints by OPI,
  • A (1) bottle of OPI nail lacquer in Over & Over A-Gwen + a (1) package of Swarovski Elements Studs & Crystals,
  • A (1) package of OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps

The giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. AND Internationally. Contest ends on Thursday, March 20th at 12:00 A.M. EST. To enter and earn extra entries, click this link.

Good luck! And, as always, thank you for supporting Polished PR! xo

Red Flare by Orly

On occasion, there’s a day when I’m just craving a certain nail color. Sometimes, it’s sparked by a photo of a manicure in a magazine issue I’m reading, sometimes it’s sparked by a character in a television show that I’m watching, who’s donning that very color on her perfectly manicured nails. The latter was the case this weekend– I was watching an episode of The Carrie Diaries and one of the characters, Maggie, had these beautiful, long, almond-shaped nails with a vibrant, classic red polish on them. I remember thinking to myself, I need that color on my hands!

So, I whipped out the most classic red polish I could find in my stash– Red Flare by Orly. In my opinion, it’s the perfect classic red (not too dark and not too subtle, but not too crazy flashy, either) and also a perfect polish. The application was flawless: two thin, yet creamy, coats with very little clean up needed afterward on my cuticles.

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

photo 4

I followed up the two coats with another two coats of Mega Shine top coat by Sally Hansen, my new favorite and inexpensive replacement to Seche Vite.

When you think of a classic red polish, what brand/color do you think of? I’d love to do a future post comparing various reds!