Workplace Wednesday: Galaxy Nails

Get ready for a picture-heavy post! I thought I’d spruce up this week’s Workplace Wednesday with a bold look– on last week’s introduction to the Workplace Wednesdays series, a reader requested that I do a post on galaxy-inspired nails, perfect for the fashionistas in the working world who adore dark manicures :)

I began creating this look with a single thick coat of Fiore from Julep on each nail. Although Julep describes Fiore as an espresso shade, I think of it more as a deep grayish-purple:

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (1)

After the polish dried completely, I took a makeup sponge and ripped it into several pieces. Then, I chose five different colored polishes. I used metallic ones so that they’d provide the mani with a shimmery glow, but they don’t have to be metallic!

Purple: Unnamed polish from L.A. Colors

Blue: Light Blue from Love & Beauty by Forever 21

Green: Lady Luck from H&M

Silver: You’re Too Good For Him from Craze by Wet ‘n Wild

Pink: Unnamed polish from L.A. Colors

Starting with the purple polish and ending with the pink, I used a piece of makeup sponge to lightly sponge each color diagonally across each nail. The best part about doing a galaxy design is that there’s no need for perfection– no matter how you sponge on each color, it’ll still turn out as a beautiful galaxy-inspired mani :) To complete this look, I took a toothpick to place a couple of glitter flecks on each nail. And voila!

photo 5

photo 3

photo 4 (1)

photo 2

photo 1

What do you think, is this look appropriate for your workplace? If not, comment and let me know what look you want to create, or tweet me at @thisjenngirl!


It’s Finally Time To Celebrate! {Picture-Heavy + Updates}

This is going to be a lengthy post– just a warning! I have three swatches/designs for you, along with some updates that I can finally share now that the semester is finally over :)

So let’s backtrack to November really quickly– I was actually able to do a simple Movember design this year, and I love the way that it turned out! I used Private Viewing from Wet ‘n Wild’s Megalast collection, utilizing a bobby pin and black polish (Manhunter by H&M) to paint mustaches on the accent nails. Very subtle, and very me:

photo 1

photo 2

Last week, I put together a green-themed nail design for the purpose of supporting two projects that I was working on for my last two classes of the public relations track. For my Advanced PR course, my group was assigned to create a public relations campaign for a local, environmentally-friendly charter school. Aligning with that very theme, our PR Design course also tasked us with creating a public relations + design campaign for an also-local company that provides free recycling services to the community. These projects were a great opportunity for us to build on our PR skills and for us to build our portfolios as well.

For the base coat, I used Mojito by Ciate, a yummy, lime-green color. I also chose to incorporate some stamping (using Last Chance by Sinful Colors) that very much reminded me of nature, and the “green-feeling” that we were trying to convey in our projects:

photo 1 (1)

photo 3

photo 4

As far as those projects went, I personally think all the groups did a fantastic job with their presentations in both classes. It’s so awesome to be able to see that my peers are just as ready to enter the professional world like I am :) Thursday marked our last day of classes, and I couldn’t be more excited!

After four years of gaining internship experience to build my resume upon, two months of interviewing for various positions in the communications industries, and two weeks of pondering offers and trying to decide where I want to go post-graduation, I’m so happy to say that I’ve finally accepted an offer, from a seriously badass (ask the bossman for yourself!) creative advertising agency here in Tampa for a social media strategist position. I couldn’t be happier. The position’s responsibilities align with exactly what I’ve been wanting in a full-time career. And the company culture? Don’t even get me started. They encourage creativity in all aspects imaginable and function more as a collaborative family than a tier of professionals ranging from executive to director to associate to entry-level.  I am SO STOKED to be a part of this family and am so extremely grateful for my support system who’ve kept me sane as well as the experiences that have allowed me to grow to my fullest potential.

And finally, we’re coming to an end here. As I didn’t want to do my graduation nails immediately since graduation is still a week away, I opted to go black yesterday, since I realized that I haven’t worn black nail polish by itself in forever. This is two coats of Manhunter by H&M (looove!) topped with a single coat of Revlon Colorstay top coat + a single coat of Seche Vite:

photo 2 (1)

That’s it for now! My next update will most likely come sometime next week, as graduation is this next weekend and I start my new job immediately after. Until then, xo <3

Autumn-Inspired Guest Post: The Polish Influenza

Happy Monday! Here’s your final installment my guest posts for the month of November, brought to you by the lovely Beth from The Polish Influenza. Her designs and swatches never cease to be colorful, and I just love reading her posts over coffee. AND, congrats to Beth on her recent change from a domain to one of her very own! :)


Hi there!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Beth, and I’m the author and creative mind behind the blog The Polish Influenza! I’m so thrilled to be able to write for Jenn here at Polished PR. It’s one of my favorite nail blogs and I’m so honored to contribute!

When I asked Jenn what she wanted me to write about for my post, she simply told me “autumn themed”. And how appropriate, given that the leaves have JUST started falling in my home state (we’re having a SUPER late fall this year since it’s been so warm). I immediately wanted to do a nail art design that incorporated the colors I associate with falling leaves: oranges, browns, greens, yellows, reds, and even corals. But I didn’t actually want to paint leaves because I’ve tried that before with disastrous consequences (trust me on that), so I decided to take a more abstract route.

I opted for the cellophane nail art technique, which basically involves using plastic wrap to blot polish on your nails into a blended, watercolor-esque effect. To create the look, I started with two coats of white nail polish (I used Ulta’s Snow White). As you can see in my pictures, the white does not have to be perfect, just opaque.


Once the white is COMPLETELY dry (as in more than just dry to the touch- I’d recommend 30-40 minutes of dry time), take your desired fall colors. I used the ones shown below.

blah blah blah
From left to right: China Glaze Fast Track, Ulta Mango, Love and Beauty Yellow, Love and Beauty Lobster Bisque, Wet n’ Wild Fastdry, Fresh Paints Dragon Lady, Sephora by OPI Sample Sale

I put small blobs of color on my nails using the brushes in the polish bottles. To speed up the process of “blobbing”, have all the bottles of polish open before you start. It prevents the blobs from drying too quickly. Don’t worry if there’s white showing at this point, it wont matter later. The placement of the colors is completely up to you: do what you like! I placed mine like this.


Immediately after the polish is placed, take a crumpled piece of saran wrap and blot the nail until you’re satisfied with the look. I recommend you do one nail at a time to prevent polish from thickening or drying prematurely on the nail. Also, polish WILL get on you cuticles, but you can remove it later with a q-tip. Here’s the finished look!

Artificial, indoor light
Artificial, indoor light

These nails would be absolutely gorgeous on their own, but I decided to take the design one step further. I used striping tape to create random linear designs across my nails. For those of you unfamiliar with striping tape, it’s just really really thin tape used to make patterns on the nails. I’ll include a picture below.


I opted to create a different design on each nail. Once the tape was in place, I painted over it with Rue Beauté’s 063, a rich, coffee brown, and immediately pulled off the tape to create this super fun autumn inspired striped look!

Artificial, indoor light
Artificial, indoor light
Artificial, indoor light
Artificial, indoor light

So there you have it, a super fun, simple fall inspired manicure to rock at school, a party, or any occasion you like! Ignoring the drying time, this design only took me about 20-30 minutes from start to finish. What do you think of the design? Let Jenn and I know in the comments!

Once again, I want to offer my sincerest thanks to Jenn for this amazing guest blog opportunity. Thanks for checking out my post, and be sure to visit me at The Polish Influenza!


You are so welcome, Beth! It was a pleasure hosting your beautiful autumn-themed post on my blog :) What a creative way to incorporate autumn colors with striping tape and a unique textured design!

Mint Condition By With Love From California

I always get so excited when I find out that the clothing stores I shop at carry nail polish too! As you very well know, I’m a sucker for Love & Beauty polishes from Forever 21…they are fabulous, and make my shopping experience that much better ;) Last weekend while we were at the mall doing a little shopping, A wanted to go into PacSun to see if he could find nice shorts for his work-related trip to Cali. While he was doing his thing, I was looking around at the accessories and stumbled upon a small collection of polishes labeled With Love From California {how coastal & dreamy is that name?!} that were on sale for buy one, get one half off. I jumped on the opportunity to try something new, and picked out a pretty coral color along with a mint one as well.

Mint Condition is the perfect mint color, and surprisingly looks great against my skin tone considering that mint-colored apparel looks way too light on me.

Mint Condition by With Love From California from PacSun

Mint Condition by With Love From California from PacSun

photo 2 (1)

I’d give this polish 3.5 stars out of five– although the color is fantastic, I dislike how heavy the polish is. It only took two coats to seal in the color, but the polish appeared sooo thick! And of course, I just couldn’t leave it alone this way, so after a day, I added some stamping using Toad-ally Amazing from wet ‘n wild’s Spoiled collection.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the coral color turns out better! I’ll have that swatch for you by the weekend or next week :)


Quickie Post: Feeling Pink

Yet another quickie post?! I guess that’s what happens when you get back into the groove with school, work and internships.

It feels as if I’ve been using all the colors of the rainbow these past couple of posts…purple, nude, gold, gray, orange, yellow, green, blue, red– pretty much everything so far except for pink! Since I’m all about versatility, I thought it’d be nice to pull out those pinks and do a simple stamping project with them.

For the base, I wanted to use a light pastel pink, and chose Wet ‘n Wild’s Sugar Coat. For the stamping color, I used my favorite bright pink, Electric Fuchsia by e.l.f.

photo 1 (3)

photo 3 (2)

Sugar Coat by Wet ‘n Wild

photo 2 (3)

Electric Fuchsia by e.l.f.

Wishing you a lovely Labor Day! xo


Floral-Printed Pumps

I had a lot of fun with yesterday’s nail design :) I was browsing through that May issue of InStyle for another fun-printed page to use for my mani, and stumbled upon this brightly colored page, featuring the trending pumps of floral fashion:

photo 1

So I thought to myself, ‘Why not try these babies on…..for free?‘ {Yes, I may have giggled to myself on how cunning the idea was.} I used Wet ‘n Wild’s Sugar Coat and Sinful Colors’ Snow Me White as base colors– over the pink I did a simple gold lace stamp design and over each white nail I chose a printed pump to ‘try on’.

photo 4

photo 5

photo 3

LOVE, pretty much.

photo 2


Went to Walmart yesterday and stumbled upon a wall of clearance beauty items– of course, I wanted them all, but I had to limit myself (you know, good karma for being a good girl). ;) I did purchase this wet ‘n wild Craze nail polish in You’re Too Good For Him.

wet 'n wild's Craze In You're Too Good For Him

wet ‘n wild’s Craze In You’re Too Good For Him

I was hesitant about getting it because I haven’t had good experience with Crackle or Shatter or any other similar textured polishes for that matter. But, after incorporating it into a mani featuring NYC in Bowery Black and Orly in Rage, I have to give it two thumbs up!

For $1, it did a fantastic job of setting in the perfect cracked texture with only one coat. And, I love the mixture of silver and gold :)

NYC in Bowery Black | Orly in Rage wet 'n wild's Craze in You're Too Good For Him

NYC in Bowery Black | Orly in Rage
wet ‘n wild’s Craze in You’re Too Good For Him

Changes…And A Splash Of Glitter

Wow. I have definitely been sort of a turtle this past week, hidden away from all things social in my little shell. I have a legit excuse this time though; a couple of weeks ago, I made the decision to move back home to be closer to my family and to help take care of my younger sister. For the past week I’ve been spending quality time with A, enjoying our last couple of days before moving day– and tonight, I can finally say that I have successfully moved back into my cozy room at home :)

So I’m taking the time to relax tonight, and catch up on my posts on here, Twitter and Facebook. Last week, I combined a Shany stamp design with my favorite glitter from Confetti, and paired them with My Silicone Popped by Spoiled and Rich In Heart by Sinful Colors.

Spoiled's My Silicone Popped | Sinful Colors' Rich In Heart

Spoiled’s My Silicone Popped | Sinful Colors’ Rich In Heart

I love the way the flirtatiousness of the stamp complements the boldness of the bright glitter– this is definitely one of my more favorite manis to date :)

In The Nude

Just realized I never posted last week’s mani! I decided to opt for a subtle design; after two weeks of bright, spring colors, I think it was a much needed change of pace.

Wet 'n Wild in Private Viewing | Orly in Rage

{Wet ‘n Wild in Private Viewing | Orly in Rage}

I’m really excited to share with you my newly created Facebook page :) After sharing photos of my nail designs through this blog, my Instagram and my Twitter account, I figured it’d only be appropriate that I share them publicly on Facebook as well.

I hope you’ll continue to follow my nail art journey and career in public relations, your support means the world to me! xo

Speckled Eggs

I’d been thinking all week about what I wanted to do for today’s new design and realized that Easter is already next Sunday! It’s crazy to think how fast this month went by for me– between a wonderful spring break and fabulous news about my plans for the summer, March has been passing by so quickly! A graduates in May, and I’m so excited to cheer him on as he accepts his diploma from the College of Business :) And for me, I’ll be doing the same in December and moving on into the wonderful world of PR.

So, in order to appropriately celebrate a holiday that I loved as a child, running around the house searching for plastic eggs filled with candy and clues to the whereabouts of the special Easter basket, I decided to pair my favorite glitter (Confetti’s Tazmanian Devil) with two great colors to create a resemblance of speckled Easter eggs:

Sinful Colors in Hazard | Spoiled in Toad-ally Amazing

{Sinful Colors in Hazard | Spoiled in Toad-ally Amazing}

LOVE the way this turned out! They definitely remind me of the bubble gum eggs I used to convince my mom to buy for me in those plastic egg carton containers :)

What’s your favorite childhood memory related to Easter?