Things To Remember During The Job Hunt

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Prior to, and during, the daunting adventure of searching for a full-time career, there are many pieces of advice given to us by family members, friends, mentors and peers. Sometimes, we get the hopeless thoughts of never finding a position stuck in our heads, placed there by the people who tell us, “The market is tough— it took me months after graduation to find a job. You’ll encounter the same.” Other times, we find ourselves overwhelmed, because we are told, “Apply for every single job you find.”

As a recent graduate who successfully secured a couple of job offers prior to graduation, I want to share three pieces of advice that I personally want to give you that may contrast from what you’ve been hearing, along with my reasoning behind them.

Don’t spread yourself thin.
I can’t tell you how often I heard advice along the lines of “Apply for everything,” being given to students entering the job search phase of their career path. I cannot emphasize this enough to you: don’t do it. You’re only doing yourself a disadvantage of applying to every job that’s related to your industry. It’s important to select position that are tailored to the skills and experience that you have. You’re also setting yourself up for a big letdown if you’re applying for a position that you’re not 100% sure you’re a good fit for.
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